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  1. Hi everyone, Not sure if this has been mentioned, or you may already know, but I have just learned about this in Evernote for Windows Desktop version; https://www.evernote.com/shard/s276/sh/71ed069b-adae-4942-94e0-2b65ced29925/bc9fde2a63a2464b15f3f307486cb025 You can drag the Inknote icon to the toolbar and then handwrite
  2. A new suggestion in relation to using a PEN and HANDWRITING on WINDOWS 10 devices: I use a Samsung Galaxy SPro with Windows 10 device (similar to MS Surface). This device comes with a pen, however, I can't use the pen in the Windows 10 app or on the web version for Evernote. Could we please have the option of clicking on a 'pen' icon for handwriting in Evernote Desktop and Evernote Web? Similar to the Android App, whereby we can use a pen to handwrite in Evernote, merely by clicking on the pen button. I'd love this as a standard option in Desktop and Web versions, seeing most people are moving towards mobile and touch screen devices with Windows 10 and a pen. Many thanks for considering this. Kind regards Bianca
  3. I have the same issue: I cannot find the presentation mode on the web version or the windows 8.1 touch version, or my tablet (which is Android). I would love to have the presentation option, as I do most of my work in Evernote. I will have to stay with Google drive for presentations then...
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