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  1. Interesting. If you follow the link you end up at a 404 page on the mozilla.org site...
  2. Interesting. The version of the add-on offered for Firefox on the mac is 6.13 and the 'last update' date is 27 October 2017. Why I wonder is Firefox on macos being singled out like this? In passing turns out you can't reply to messages in the Evernote Forum if you are using Firefox on macos either... so another reason to have Opera handy (in my view the least-worst Chrome spin off).
  3. Tried to make it clear in original post. My issue is that if I try and run the web clipper add-on within Firefox 64 on the latest version of macos after an indeterminate period it triggers a memory leak: macos has strong memory systems so really all that happens is the machine slows to a crawl until the offending process is terminated - but it is nonetheless irksome that it happens at all. I much prefer Firefox (and its offspring Cliqz) to webkit based browsers due to Firefox's much stronger privacy controls. The necessary solution to all this is to have a copy of Opera open all the time so that if I need to clip something from a web page I can copy the URL to Opera and do it there. But it is hardly ideal - and indicative of Evernote's disinterest in the Firefox browser - which has changed a lot since October 2017... pity Evernote doesn't have courage to just openly state that it doesn't support Firefox. I hardly ever use Evernote itself through browser - agree that best results are obtained via the desktop client.
  4. I am a long-time "premium" subscriber and until recently a prolific user of the Firefox version of the web clipper. I have noticed that since the release of FF64 and macos 10.14.2 that Firefox regularly gets a runaway memory leak. I found that killing the runaway process itself concurrently stopped the Evernote web clipper add-on from working in Firefox; removing the add-on from Firefox seems to stop the runaway leaks completely. Together these suggest that the Evernote Web Clipper is the cause of the problem. Upon doing some research here I read that Evernote is not actively supporting the Firefox Add-on (indeed the last update was 26 October 2017), I also find it surprising that given this lack of support, nonetheless if you investigate the Web Clipper page using an incompatible version of Firefox you are nonetheless directed to the Firefox Add-on page, which contains no warning at all about the possible incompatibilities / deficiencies of the add-on. I would think it vital as part of the stated 2019 Priorities that this issue is resolved promptly. Priority 2 states Clearly this is not currently the case for Firefox users. There are vague suggestions in the dialog for the cited Firefox add-on discussion that Firefox support might be reinstated at some point in 2019. In light of the emergence of this memory leak would it be possible to move policy from 'vague suggestions' to 'committed' status for support for this platform?
  5. @richardbrown - Thanks for the suggestion - worked for me too
  6. I'm having the same issue on an iPad 4 running iOS 8.1.1 The app opens, but the screen gives the impression of an app that has frozen - it is basically unresponsive to touch input. However the app seems to be running in the background very slowly - if you page away to another app and return, the Evernote window has changed in response to some of the touch-clicks made prior to leaving. But to all normal uses, it is now not working. Not sure what has changed - it was working OK on 29 Nov (a couple of days ago) as I have a note created on iPad in Evernote.
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