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  1. Well, well, you're right; I thought that San Francisco could only be used by apps for UI elements, and couldn't be "installed" as a regular font. But I was wrong. I could just install it and then select it from the Evernote preferences. Thank you for the hint! ‑Alex
  2. Is it possible to switch the default font for notes on the Mac to be San Francisco (the "default" OS font)? Right now, I have it set to Helvetica (see screenshot attached). I can change the font, but don't see San Francisco from the font selection menu. Am I missing something? ‑Alex
  3. Just after starting this thread, I saw the following tweet from Shawn Baek (see attached). This is exactly the situation I'd like to avoid. Source. ‑Alex
  4. Thank you for the info; hopefully that Windows feature will make it to Mac at some point. Could you elaborate on how the feature works on Windows? By "based on date accessed", do you mean that you can set it to locally keep all files accessed in the last, say, 3 months, and everything else will be kept in the cloud and available for download on demand? ‑Alex
  5. I would like to be able to tell Evernote: "only keep locally on my Mac, say, 20 GB of the most recently accessed attachments, and the rest can stay in the cloud". But I am not seeing such an option. Does this mean that Evernote for macOS always keeps all my attachments locally? The reason for me not wanting to keep all the attachments locally is that the space taken by attachments adds up, and after years can end up taking quite a bit of space which I would prefer to keep available for other uses. I don't need or want attachment that I haven't accessed for months, or maybe even years, to be stored locally, as those mostly exist for archival. But is this possible with Evernote for Mac? Or should I think about it differently, and store attachments somewhere else, say in Google Drive, and downgrade from my current Premium to a Basic subscription, as I don't seem to need any the other features included with Premium subscription? ‑Alex
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