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  1. I get about one a month as well. I'm never using more than one machine at a time. I have my mac auto-sync every five minutes. My android is set to auto-sync every 60 minutes, so I have now changed that to every 15 minutes; hopefully, this will mean less conflicts, but at the expense of battery-life...
  2. Yes, but even when you're being careful some still slip through the net. Human beings are not machines, which is why automation for things like this is useful.
  3. I whole heartedly support this effort to achieve an Evernote that includes a feature capable of assisting you recognising differences in original and conflict notes. It's extremely frustrating when you get a conflict of a long note and you have to spend considerable time sorting it out manually!
  4. Thanks, GrumpyMonkey! I hope that it gets included soon, as if I have any catastrophically bad conflicts I would be considering alternatives to Evernote. Harry
  5. I did open a support ticket, and they [Evernote] directed me here.
  6. Dear Sir/Madam, I have previously requested a feature for note conflicts, and I would like to know what progress has been made with it. I would like you to make it easier to see what differences there are in the conflicting notes by highlighting the text which differs. Yours faithfully, Dr. Harry Whitehead
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