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  1. Currently, no. But i'm sure it's just a matter of time.
  2. Lame! Evernote doesn't even work properly yet. All the fancy type ahead search and what not, only works in English. If you wanna raise the price, first fix it, so I get what I pay for. I'm already as a non us or non English speaking user paying a higher price. Then perhaps...
  3. Wait? The note size doesn't increase as well? Damn. I was so hoping. The 100MB limit is really pulling Evernote down quite a bit. Please let the users decide how they wanna spend their 4GB.
  4. My last invoice a month ago say 4GB, but the reality is still 1GB. Not impressive. Lying and cheating with features, that only some get. Discriminating.
  5. Aside from the November 1969 bug. It doesn't work well. Why clip an entire webpage with headers, footers, ads and bogus? Might be up to personal taste, but I never want that. I want the text or the article... I'm sorry to say this LONG awaited feature does nothing better or faster then mailing in a note the old school way. The only benefit to this new feature is that the new web clipper attaches a link in note info.
  6. @euevernote thank you for actually posting a solution.
  7. I have a bookmarklet i created long time ago, but this code you post seems different. I will give it a shot. Perhaps it will work, slighty better.
  8. I know. But safari is the native browser. That i and lot of people use for all their browsing and internet traffic. Evernote's build in browser is useless in this regard. Doesn't solve a thing.
  9. Please fix the bookmarklet! It does not work! It is slow, heavy and a complete mess. I spend half of my time just trying to login. Please accept cookies and what not, but i am. It is embarrasing. And you guy must now the stats on how much internet traffic is coming from iOS and iPads in particular. Just look at the free service of Pocket, those guys are able to make one that works. Even when private browsing in turned on. I like to believe that i am paying for a service and app that is ment to clip and store content from Safari. Get in the game. And don't be depended on third party app and developers to fix your core business/service. I have already paid once. It is incompetent in my eyes.
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