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  1. I have figured out how to share a notebook with a premium user (I am also a premium user) and they can edit the notes in my notebook, but I need her to be able to also add additional notes into my notebook. Is that possible? How do I do it? If it is not a current feature, I guess, it is a request to have Evernote create a level of rights for premium users to allow other users to add notes to shared notebooks.
  2. I agree with Florux, Cindit0 and jelake. The multiple email address feature would make this tool useable for me vs. frustrating. I am a new user and love the potential for this tool to organize my life, but creating multiple accounts to separate out personal and professional is just cumbersome and changing an email address constantly is equally cumbersome. This is a tool that seems at a very basic level to promote easy, streamlined organization. The single email account prevents Evernote from meeting my needs as a user.
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