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  1. Thanks for letting me know. But I have more than 15.000 notes and I'm stil stuck at V 5.33.
  2. Yes, V10 is still limited to less than 10.000 notes! I'm still stuck at V5.3
  3. It took a few weeks for Evernote to answer the question. But it turns out that Evernote only cares about new or 'light' users: "The web version is made available to our customers based on account usage. More specifically, the total number of note created on your account. The current cap is 10,000, which includes notes from shared notebooks, public notebooks, spaces, or those creates over the 12 years you've used Evernote." It's a realy strange way of treating your most loyal customers. I'm using Evernote since the beginning and I have more than 15.000 notes, so I don't get the new web-version.
  4. I tried different browsers on different computers, but I still get V5.33.0. It seems that Evernote is not giving everyone the same web-experience.
  5. No I use V5.33.0. It has the new lay-out. But I can't update the web-client to a newer version.
  6. There are no reminders in my new web client. And it isn't possible to select reminders in the 'All notes' view. I contacted Evernote and they say that they are still working on it. So it's strange that some people can set reminders in te web client and some people can't.
  7. Reminders (and stacks) where previously always available in Evernote Web. The reminders disappeared in the new version. That's why I'm still using the old web-version. So Evernote is now letting customers pay for features that are gone. It's a strange way of treating your customers!
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