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  1. I face the same problem too. I found 3 solutions. 2 are free. 1 need money. Free solution: 1. http://postach.io/ can sync your evernote notebook to your domain name. But it only allow us to post to subdomain or blog under www.subdomain.postach.io. It work great because can sync instantly with you note in your share notebook. It also allow us to use our own subdomain. The set up is supper easy. but we cant protect our note with password like wordpress. 2. https://zapier.com/. Work great to post new post from new evernote notebook to your own wordpress subdirectories (categories, page or post). It is FOC up to 5 task. But it cant sync with your evernote note. Mean any update for your note does't sync with your post in wordpress. Pay solution: 1. http://sentinote.com/. I dint try this plugin. So no comment on it. Hope this will help.
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