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  1. @Nick L. just in case: I managed to confirm that UserStore API calls start to work again if I set one of cookies set by Evernote servers during OAuth procedure: the name of the cookie in my case is web50017PreUserGuid. I guess "web" is prefix here, "50017" is some id specific to each user and/or something else and "PreUserGuid" is a suffix.
  2. Thank you very much! Contacted @EvernoteHelps on Twitter, hope it would actually help.
  3. Since April 24 2020 something has changed in server side Evernote API handling: calls to UserStore (virtually any calls but in particular checkVersion and getUser) started to return with weird error: HTTP status code is 429 which corresponds to "Too many requests" but the error is "OK". This error has ruined two open source Evernote clients on Linux: NixNote2 and Quentier. Both use unofficial C++ implementation of Evernote API, QEverCloud, but it worked fine for several years and then stopped in a single day on which nothing has changed in the library or in the apps. Furthermore, the error als
  4. Thanks for the suggestion and the links, I can see that a lot of people want markdown support for Evernote. The hardest part in implementing such support is the conversion between markdown and Evernote's format used to represent notes - ENML. I haven't done the proper research yet but so far it seems only some subset of Evernote's format can be represented in markdown i.e. some notes won't be representable - for example, notes containing references to note attachments within its content (en-media tags). Also notes containing ToDo checkboxes. Alternatively, I could possibly try to somehow exten
  5. Ok, you get your point then. I can't promise to implement selectable downloaded notebooks in near future but I'll think about how it could be done.
  6. It is best to suggest features directly on GitHub, that makes it more likely these suggestions won't be forgotten. Selectable notebook download does make sense for mobile devices since storage is can indeed be quite limited there. But it's hard for me to believe it's an issue for desktop in 2018.
  7. Quentier is not a new project in the sense of starting from scratch, I've been developing it since mid 2013. I've discussed some connections with Nixnote in this blog post. In short, I don't think I can help improving Nixnote since some of my technical views are very different from what can be found in Nixnote. And besides, it never hurts if the end users have a choice of software solving their tasks.
  8. You might wish to check out another open source alternative that I describe in the neighboring thread. However, note that it's in alpha state now i.e. it's unpolished and too fresh to be considered reliable.
  9. Quentier is a cross-platform (Linux/Windows/Mac) note taking app capable of working as Evernote client. It can also be used for local note taking, without the necessity to even have the Evernote account. Quentier supports such features as: Synchronization of user data (notebooks, notes, tags, saved searches) with Evernote Evernote search syntax can be used for data searching within the local storage Printing of notes and converting them to pdf files Ability to open several notes simultaneously in either tabbed or windowed interface Ability to switch between
  10. A couple of years ago mgsxx announced the initial release of QEverCloud - the library implementing the Evernote SDK in a Qt-friendly way, using Qt's containers and data types. With QEverCloud you can easily interact with your Evernote account's notes, notebooks, tags and other various info from inside the Qt app using the library. QEverCloud is used by NixNote2, the unofficial Linux Evernote desktop client. About a year ago I took this project over and just recently the 3.0 release has hit the ground. Not much has changed from the functionality POV, my focus was on compatibility and the e
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