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  1. Hi gazumped, thanks for the reply! Your suggestion about the import folder made me think - I have a bunch of Apple Scripts to import stuff into Evernote and I just checked to confirm that Photos.app is scriptable, so I will try to modify one of my scripts to get the job done. The reason I have to avoid any dragging operations is that I am using Photos.app in full screen mode (which is great on the smaller MacBook Pro screen). It's just super convenient being able to stay within the full screen app and send stuff over to the Evernote app.... and yeah, I will be doing this A LOT in the coming weeks because I have to "clean up" the last 3 ½ years of my photo library I'm a subscriber so I will definitely follow your suggestion and raise the issue over at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action. Thanks again for the help and the links! Cheers
  2. Well, it's 2018 and I just discovered this issue... I'm using the sharing extension in Photos.app on a Macbook Pro running macOS 10.12.6 and Evernote 7.0.3. To be fair, I haven't used the sharing extension in years - so I don't know if the duplication problem has been there before on my machine - but I'm seeing the following behaviour: I choose a picture from the Photos.app library and send it to Evernote. Immediately the app creates TWO notes - one of them has the image attached and the other one does not, instead it says �EN_ATTACHMENT� where the image should be. The note title and the body text are identical, the only difference between the two notes it the missing image (it's always the note that's created last that has no image). Of course it doesn't matter that one of the notes doesn't contain the image, that's not the point - the point is that I don't need two notes in the first place... I'm just mentioning the missing-image-thing in case it helps to narrow down what's going on here. Any and all help would be very much appreciated because it is a little annoying that I have to go in and delete the duplicate EVERY TIME I send a photo to Evernote. Kind of defeats the purpose of the extension-idea when I have to manually interact with the Evernote app after every single share... Thanks & cheers.
  3. THANK YOU Vic, for getting to the bottom of this! This is good news - well, sort of I agree that the limit doesn't make any sense - I have only 3 notebooks, but I still would like to have quick access to them via the details view (I'm sure the same is true for you and your tags). Now I'll have to create two dummy-notebooks that I actually don't need, which is not exactly ideal. But it's a solution for now. Thanks again for your efforts to find out what's going on here, really appreciated! PS: I did create an additional notebook in my testing last week and thought that 5 notebooks (including trash) should definitely be enough for the details feature to work - so I dismissed the idea of there being a limit and figured that it's simply a bug. Now I see that 5 notebooks, EXCLUDING trash, are needed... and sure enough, it's working.
  4. @Vic Jang, thanks for the info... too bad a re-install doesn't seem to solve the issue. I'm not going to restore my phone because of this either, I have 50 gigs of data on there - this bug is annoying, but not annoying enough for me to wipe my phone.
  5. I'll try removing and re-installing the Evernote app from my iPhone - if that doesn't help, I'll definitely submit a ticket. It doesn't seem to be a widespread problem though, otherwise there would be much more feedback from the user base (the only related thread I found via Google is this one).
  6. I just noticed this as well. After creating a note from Photos.app via the Evernote extension, I waited about an hour to see if it would eventually sync by itself - but it didn't (even though I have Background App Refresh turned on for Evernote). Only after launching the Evernote app did I see the green arrow indicating that the note is being uploaded. I guess this might be expected behavior and not a bug, but it's a bummer either way... It kind of defeats the purpose of the extension if I have to open the app every single time to get a note to show up on my other devices. (Evernote 7.7.9, iOS 8.4, iPhone 6)
  7. @ScottLougheed, I don't know about Vic Jang - but in my case Show Details is definitely ON for Notebooks, that's the issue. I have toggled all available options multiple times, killed the app multiple times and even tried creating more notebooks (because I wondered if you need to have a certain number...), but no luck.
  8. I have encountered the same problem on my iPhone - for me it is the "Notebooks" section that refuses to show details, I get details for "Notes", "Shortcuts" and "Tags" just fine. Did you guys manage to solve this issue eventually? (Evernote 7.7.9, iOS 8.4, iPhone 6)
  9. Thank you for the reply! The message still appears with every sync, but everything seems to function normally - as long as I don't see any performance problems I might as well just ignore it. Maybe I'll drop a line to support on monday though, just to make sure Thanks again! Anna
  10. Hi! I started to notice an Evernote related message in Console.app today - whenever Evernote syncs (every 15 minutes) I get the following message in the log: Evernote[324]: -[EDAMSyncState read:]: unexpected field ID 5 with type 10. Skipping. I have never seen that message before today, so I figured there was something wrong with one of my new notes. I deleted the notes that I'd made in the last 24 hours (and emptied the trash), but the message still shows up. I just wanted to make sure if I can safely ignore the message... any advice would be appreciated Thanks and cheers, Anna Evernote 5.2.1 (401587) Mac OS X 10.8.4
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