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  1. Hello pcavatore--We updated the Windows Guide last week. You can find it here: https://secure.davidco.com/store/catalog/Setup-Guides-p-1-c-263.php If you previously purchased the Windows Guide, you should have received an email from us offering you a free update. If you did not receive that email, please email our team at customerservice@davidco.com. Hope that helps!
  2. Will the update be for free for those who have already purchased the guide? Yes!
  3. Hi Don, The GTD & Evernote for Mac desktop Guide does cover Reminders, because those were available at the time of publishing. The GTD & Evernote for Windows desktop Guide does not cover Reminers, because those are not officially in the product yet (only in beta as far as we know.) We will be updating the Windows Guide when Reminders is released in that version. The Evernote team can best answer your second question, but from our experience those 3 versions are quite different visually, which is why we have two different Guides for Mac vs. Windows desktop. Same data carries over, it will just look different on the 3 platforms. But lots of people split Evernote across different platforms, as you describe, and it works quite well. Hope that helps!
  4. Here is a good overview about David Allen's GTD methodology: http://www.davidco.com/about-gtd
  5. For those of you who are GTD fans, we just released a new GTD® & Evernote® Setup Guide. Two different versions available for Mac and Windows desktop. Lots of great GTD tips, tricks, and strategies from David Allen & team for configuring Evernote Notebooks for projects, next actions, and reference Notebooks. You can find them here: https://secure.davidco.com/store/catalog/Setup-Guides-p-1-c-263.php Hope you find this useful for your GTD practice!
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