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  1. Then why has there been no work on it since 8/8/16? The release notes are from last year which seems to indicate they haven't done anything on it since then. I don't see any improvement. There are still a lot of things that it can't do compared to the desktop version. Speaking of which, the Windows desktop version is slow and freezes on my PC all the time and so it basically leaves me without a decent version of Evernote to use. Sigh.
  2. So is Evernote Web dead? I stepped away from Evernote for while. I came back and wanted to use Evernote Web since the Windows client always freezes. However, having been gone for about a year, I've come back and it looks like there's been no development in Evernote Web. The last update post from Scruggles is from August 2016?!! Why would I want to pay any subscription if there has been no development for this and the Windows client is slow. No thanks. Evernote is apparently still struggling it seems, even after they raised the subscription rate twice.
  3. The response is delayed and Evernote fades out as the system indicates Evernote not responding. I hate to compare Evernote and OneNote in this way but I don't have any issues with OneNote at all like this and I shouldn't have to switch out my drive for Evernote. Evernote, among all the software I use or have used on my system, is the only program that ever does this. Every other program works fine.
  4. I just realized this is probably most likely why Evernote is so bogged down on my system as well - no 64-bit version for 64-bit systems. Evernote 6 freezes every time I perform a search. It's searching through my notes but the program locks up every single time. I currently have 2628 notes on a Windows 10 OS with a 600GB disk and 6GB RAM. I'm a heavy user of OneNote as well and I use the 64-bit version of OneNote and it works smooth and fast, nothing bogged down about it. Microsoft insists that if people have 64-bit systems to use the 64-bit version of OneNote for that reason. Makes sense that Evernote would too.
  5. @Glennie My two cents: I think a lot of it has to do with the money side of things. I don't think they raised their pricing just for the fun of it. To survive, they had to raise them and I'm sure they hated to have to do that. Since development is at such a slow rate, to me, it's apparent that they don't have the financial resources that we expect from companies like Google and MIcrosoft. I think we need to see if things improve in the next year or so to see if the pricing change helped or hurt them. I don't think they are doing this on purpose though. At the start, they had the money to make great things happened but they lost their focus (and their way). However, with new management, I'm willing to give them some time to see if they can rebound. I just don't think that time has happened yet.
  6. I just realized too that I'm missing notes in Evernote between my desktop and laptop. For example, I have one notebook with only 4 notes and noticed that on the laptop, Evernote reads I only have 3. I tried doing a search for that one note that was missing on my laptop and Evernote didn't come up with anything. It was missing altogether and still is even though Evernote is fully synced on both Windows computers with no offline notebooks. This, to me, makes Evernote unreliable.
  7. I checked my notes, one on my Windows desktop PC and then I check my Windows laptop and Evernote is recording widely different counts on both. I don't have any local notes/notebooks at all so not sure why I'm seeing this. The reminders are even different on both my PC and laptop. On my desktop version, Evernote says I have 2528 notes while on my laptop, Evernote records 1930. Both versions have been synced. Even the reminder count on both record a 77 difference in the counts. Why?!!! I was actually going to use Evernote full time but now I'm wondering if I should at all. In both cases, I have all notebooks selected and none are offline. This bothers me.
  8. That's because they were busy for years wasting time on the store and other things not related to their core product. My subscription times out in May of next year so I'm giving them until that time to make some big improvements. I'm interested to see what the new team will do but If I don't see it by May 2017, I'm gone too because it'll just be more of the same.
  9. For me, you guys were doing it right with the first version where you had the same set up view as you did on the desktop. Perhaps add the F10 and F11 (in Windows) to the web version so if we wanted to hide the left and note panels, we could. I believe that the web version needs to be comparable to the desktop, if possible. The fact that I can't filter through my tags and 'drill down' through them like I can on the desktop makes using the web version pointless for me. My brother who just recently started using Evernote started off with the web version and that's all he knew until I showed him what the desktop version could do and he was wondering why he was still using the web version. I actually wouldn't mind using the web version alone but it's just not comparable to the desktop. When the second version came out of beta a year or two ago, I felt like it came out of beta unfinished and still feels that way.
  10. I haven't used it but I was looking at the addon yesterday and if I understand correctly, I would have to uninstall version 6 for Windows, reinstall version 5, install Evernote Batch and then upgrade to version 6 again. Really? Seriously, that is ridiculous. I'm going to pass.
  11. It depends on what your experience has been and what you prefer. If you're an Apple user then I suppose Evernote's experience is probably better than that for Windows users. I was a OneNote user from the start. For me, I tend to view Evernote as a clipper and OneNote for actual notes. I can type out notes in OneNote so much faster than I can in Evernote and both react differently. For me, I don't need the inline vertical note order that Evernote has. I just like to have the reminders and the tag feature that Evernote has in OneNote and I'll have what I need. I guess only time will tell.
  12. I wasn't asking if the owner of the notebook can create tags. What I was asking is whether or not the person who the notebook is shared with is able to use the tags the owner created. I wasn't sure if that was possible but apparently it is and mine's not working (surprise, surprise). So, in an indirect way, thanks for answering my question.
  13. Is there a bug with sharing tags though? My brother and I have two shared notebooks in Evernote, both created by him. He's given me view and edit rights but when I try to use tags that he created to notes I've added to the notebooks, I'm not able to at all. This isn't a case where I'm trying to add new tags which I know I can't. This is a case where I'm trying to use tags he's created and can't. Does anyone know if this is a bug or is there something I"m overlooking?
  14. @gazumped To not post anything though isn't good either. They could at least let users vote on requested features and then post whether or not they are in development. I also use Microsoft's OneNote and Microsoft is doing this with success. My fear is that OneNote will surpass Evernote either in the next year or so or in the next version release. If it does, Evernote will be completely irrelevant to me. OneNote's cloud-technology is improving and Microsoft is transitioning to a system that will allow them to do what Evernote does if they decide they want to go that route. I'm sure Evernote is aware of that but by the time they do something about it, it may be too late. As it is, I've since unsubscribed to wait to see what happens in the next year (May 2017). If I don't see any real improvement, such as a dark theme (or at least something easier on the eyes) then I'm gone as a user as well.
  15. Connie, there's no dark theme for Evernote on Android. What are you smoking? lol
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