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  1. While this is a good idea and I assume that you tested it and it is working for you, it is not always you're in a situation that you are near your computer so I think, the recording in app should still be te best option, only it stops recording when the phone screen locks out
  2. I isolated the issue and found out the that this only happens to Android. I'm not sure though if this is due to Marshmallows restrictions. On my iPad, works totally fine even I lock the screen while recording.. For Android, audio cuts immediately once sleep button is pressed.
  3. Any solution to this issue? I just noticed this happened to me 3 weeks ago when I was recording a meeting with my boss. I was confident enough that it was recorded all throughout the meeting but after I checked, it just recorded the first few seconds . I noticed that it stops the recording as soon as the phone locks the screen . I'm thinking of using another app to record as a workaround but it would be nice if this is corrected right from the app itself.
  4. Even I'd love Scannable app to be on android, just using the camera from the app really works fine. I think the only difference is when you use scannable with the scanner and scanning multiple pages. if just regular scanning with a page or two, maybe receipts, business cards, the app should be sufficient.
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