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  1. I had problem today with Windows desktop client being totally unresponsive and was stuck showing "synching shared notebook." I have free acct. and also on iPad, but actually do NOT have any shared notebooks or joined notebooks (what ever the correct terminology is). For first time in ages, I viewed a shared notebook yesterday but had declined to join it. Not sure this is relevant to the OP, but thought someone much more familiar with these things might be able to connect the dots here. I did start a support ticket and shared log, even though all seems to be working fine now.
  2. Using free account successfully for months but today on Windows desktop (running Win 7 64-bit) clicking on shortcut to launch EN results in absolutely nothing - no error message, nothing. Task manager in Windows shows nothing. All is fine on iPad, and on web (via Chorme). Suggestions? Thanks ... RESOLVED: It took nearly 10 minutes for EN to open, but seems to be fine. I found knowledge base help; not sure how to delete this post I have only about 250 Notes. I had Windows client open and had used Clearly to save a small web page; as I recall, I had clicked sync and in lower right it indicated synching joined notebooks, this message never clearer, EN became unresponsive; I exited, and now nothing happens at all. I have never made a back up of my notes and expect that would be a good safety precaution. Added info: Yesterday I had viewed but did NOT join a shared notebook of a forum member with his tips on using EN. After writing post, I looked at EN and the left hand pane shows many Notebooks, but only the name Joined Notebooks with nothing underneath, so it seems like I do NOT have any "Joined Notebook" so the message while synching about synching joined notebooks is quite puzzling.
  3. @EverDerm understand your frustration but EN doesn't seem to understand, or care, or seems like their original programming has made it extremely difficult to provide what many of us think as simple and essential functionality. I'd add to that being able to highlight text.. The resize issue has kept me from paying for EN, if you find a good alternative please report as many others might jump ship on EN.
  4. Garemeister Good post in my opinion and much more diplomatic than I am. Not really sure what good it will do (yes I am cynical about EN). The forthcoming answer might be ... we don't comment about our development plans a) because it might give unrealistic and unfounded expectations to people; and/or because it might give a competitive advantage to other software to know what we might be up to; and/or some other vague response that really provides nothing for a customer or potential customer to evaluate and make their own plans. If it is divulged that things are being developed, perhaps that accomplishes something, but maybe not. Something is being worked on ... well then one is left to wonder what priority it has, whether it is one person working on it and they are dedicating one hour a month on it, or whether there is actually a team of competent people actively pursuing a solution. I have no idea and seriously doubt that we will be told, but by being pre-emptive with regard to possible responses which I personally would find of little value, perhaps there might actually be a response that surprises me and actually provides something of greater usefulness. I use other software daily where the forum is frequented by the developer and there is dialogue that I and many forum members feel is informative and very responsive. I would look forward to being able to make a similar comment about EN.
  5. I notice that this is your only post, and perhaps EN might take note that you bothered to offer them feedback, but I doubt that they will take it to heart. While I agree with you that "this is a need that is a key feature for business sharing" I also contend that is vital to many of us who use EN personally. Actually I have pretty much abandoned my use of EN personally and will never pay for a personal account unless this simple feature is added (unless of course I find an alternative solution to EN). While I am not a programmer, but have done extensive testing on our internal company proprietary software, I expect that the original architecture of EN is such that they backed themselves into a corner and can not easily accomplish this feature. To many of us it is an obvious need that has many advantages. Not sure why I bothered to even post, but wanted to applaud you for taking time to give feedback perhaps yours will be the straw that breaks the camel's back and EN will finally take this seriously.
  6. Agreed, however for a company that has a tag line "Remember Everything" and in our western culture which is quite visually oriented (and perhaps increasingly so) the challenges in saving to EN a photo of a white board (from a biz brain storming session, or ...) or many of 100s of other suggested uses of EN is NOT easy if you want that image to be of small file size (so that it syncs fast; does not eat up your (free) account space; and does not needlessly use EN server space storing a 6MB image in the note when one of 150KB would probably be quite adequate. I have read some of the other threads around this and similar image issues with EN, and yes there are differences of how important it is to a particular user. I have my work around and from you and others have learned others for what I consider to be EN annoyances. None are yet deal killers, but it is one of many things that keeps me from becoming Premium, and one poster in this thread dropped Premium due to issues in this image management area. And FWIW I currently view EN in 3 stages (Ingestion Digestion Retrieval): For some things it is quick and easy to get into EN; I'd consider highlighting text that I wrote or that was clipped from website a fundamental part of Digesting/Processing. EN is quite good at retrieval via search but if what comes up is not quick and easy to then utilize then some of its value has been lost. Many people suffer from and with data overload, so highlighting (summarizing and other strategies) are perhaps important to store those "memories" so that they have better usefulness when retrieved. Just my opinion.
  7. I don't think you know what you are talking about!! Case 2, or at least what I want to do is take "attach/insert" a photo into a Note so that the photo has a small file size. EN (and as far as I can see Skitch) makes this simple act pretty tough to accomplish on an iPhone. Just used Skitch and it "brought in" the photo at 6.MB and took 60 seconds to sync over wi-fi, and for me that is useless. Others on forum have suggested the paid app FastEver Snap which I purchased and am using. I find EN development to be ridiculous requiring so many work around, other apps (your own Skitch) or something else to accomplish some pretty fundamental usability. One picture is worth a thousand words and EN's tag line is "Remember Everything" ... well here is a funny suggestion for you ... how about making it quick and easy to allow users to save quickly and easily what something looks like without it taking up enormous storage space. Sync would be quicker, it wouldn't eat up your server space, slow down the internet with unwanted and useless (for some memories) bloated file sizes. While Skitch might be useful in some instances if you know how to take a photo that highlights what is important and what it is you want to remember then it is in many circumstances completely unnecessary to add anything else and the latter would only slow down one's productivity. Thanks for listening, but quite frankly I have given up on expecting Evernote to make wise choices on my behalf and will continue to rely on the forum as it is clear that EN will continue to require many work arounds in order to deal with the (far too many) EN annoyances. Glad that Google Keep might in time keep you folks honest - a good idea you have but some poor execution. I know that is harsh, but as an adjunct to a business productivity tool you have a long way to go in making something that is really useful let alone elegant.
  8. @Chodorowicz Thx for a clear and helpful post. Will finally download Skitch and see whether it is actually of any value with my work flow. All of this would be so much faster if it were just part of EN client for windows desktop, and for IOS on iPhone, but of course that is just me (and perhaps many others!).
  9. Jackolicious perhaps I might be grateful that you dropped by and posted (afterall you are products manager), but I find your post non-enlightening. Has there been some recent change to Skitch that might address the post quoted above that implies having to make a round trip out of EN to Skitch is NOT painless, and does NOT effectively respond to customer typical use of EN. I would become a premium user but amongst other reservations I have about EN, (what I consider) half-baked EN features is at the top of the list. Using a photo image of low resolution, small file size would be an extremely useful EN feature. The official website, and many articles, and ebooks on using EN recommend taking a quick snap shot of a white board, restaurant menu, clothes sample, window shopping, conference agenda, etc. but implementing that in EN is not easy let alone slick. Emailing images from an iPhone camera roll (where the iPhone allows reducing file size) is great but EN rotates some images 90 degrees so this is another gotcha. A recent thread on Google Keep mentions that it in version 1 has that part solved and manages (like many other software offerings) to orient a photo so the intended top is displayed in the up position. I would be thoroughly embarrassed by the poor implementation that EN offers. I imagine that you might be offended by this post, however I believe that much of it is simply a statement of facts supporting my claim that EN has some mature features that are still really just half-baked. If it were not for this excellent forum and the ingenious work arounds that EN old-timers offer, I would have abandoned EN long ago, and I only started struggling with it 6 weeks ago. I care enough (and am hopeful enough) that someone with enough clout might actually get some things (that some/many here on the forum) feel are basic to actually work in an effective manner. Thanks for listening and considering making some of these things a much higher priority.
  10. +1 again and again and once more ... This is one of the key things that holds me back from going premium. EN tag line is "Remember Everything" actually I'd like EN to remember it (so I can retrieve it later); to do it simply and effectively. Since a picture is worth a 1,000 words it is often a preferred way of remembering and jogging the memory. Being able to downsize the image so file is smaller is pretty essential to many ... would sure be nice if this were implemented by EN soon, AND it'd be great if one could have a couple of user defined presets so that you could invoke these quickly for different situations (photo of a receipt on a biz trip versus higher quality photo of textiles where capturing the texture of the fabric is important). Think I'll have to explore FastEver Snap and suggest to that developer to have user defined presets. SO far what I remember of putting a photo in EN from iPhone is that it was a horrible experience; ate thru my non-premium account monthly limit by "connecting" large file sizes without warning me at all (in user guide) or on screen that I was eating thru my usage limit. It is actually surprising that I am still experimenting with EN, and that is due mostly to this excellent forum, that unfortunately is consulted too often for work-arounds for what seems to be EN's have-baked features that can often create huge frustration.
  11. Not (yet) premium member. If I upgrade mid-month (10th) is that my reset day? Alternatively EN might do the way many apt rentals work by pro-rating cost the and upload allowance for the first month, and then having everyone on a first of the month cycle. Knowledge base only talks about Biz accounts which seemingly use the latter approach.
  12. GrumpyMonkey thanks, very helpful to know thread number and approximate year. I will put that data in EN note. And yes I am Evernoting various forum threads, but as you know some features change in how they function every 6 months or so, and add to that the misconceptions that some people have and post in threads it can be a challenge. Thanks to you and others I am sorting out what I need and taming the beast.
  13. I also use Lastpass and like your suggestion to LP. Hope you can nag LP enough to make that happen. There seem to many on EN who also use LP.
  14. Thx jbenson2 You often respond to one of my threads and as usual quite helpful. Will resort to using external search engine for the forum searches, just another work around for dealing with EN. EN seems to have promise, but all of the road blocks and gotchas of learning to use it in an intermediate manner can be quite frustrating to a newbie. If it weren't for some helpful and quite intelligent forum members (who clearly find value in EN) I think I would have started to look for an alternative several days ago. I don't mind a learning curve, but I do find EN official documentation often significantly out of date and wrong and that really makes me wonder about EN as a company that is unable to manage the growth of its platforms and features. The number of forum posts of long time users who admit to being confused about some basic features (Sharing a Notebook; controlling file size of images connected to Notes) is quite discouraging. Will give it another week and unless I can get some core functionality to work easily (or with non-pretzel like work arounds) even though I have invested many hours into the program, I will get out while I can. Enough of my rant, thanks for your help.
  15. Search of forum to see if there is already an answer to your "issue" would be much more helpful if the hits shown indicated the date of the thread; seems like an obvious aide to users. EN seems to change quite frequently and for many features a discussion, an answer, a work around, that is more than 18 months old is likely to be of very little value, I realize in writing that sentence that what I'd want to see in the "hits" is the date of the OP, and then the date of the last post. Sometimes a member chooses to add to an older thread on a given topic/issue so as not to proliferate the forum with too many threads on the same thing, so the last post date is important data in deciding whether looking at a particular search hit is worth the effort. I'm a newbie and value all of the valuable insights of forum people but getting to that information is often overly challenging. For me EN programmer's lack of thinking through what would help forum members is similar to my experience of all of the roadblocks and gotchas that one encounters trying to use EN.
  16. Thx to both ... spgSCOTT that is great and will give me more flexibility on how a file gets "connected" to a Note; and the content from the Thread you site gives even more control over the behavior. Much thanks ...
  17. GrumpyMonkey thx ... As Newbie I had never clicked on Activity icon on Desktop toolbar; I think your understanding is probably at least partially accurate. So, in order for an invitee to benefit from being given permission to "see" ... Shared Activity they have at least a free EN account (that is all I have right now). Will do some search in forum on Activity Stream to see what it does and how I might use it. I did invite myself to a different email account than my EN account email, BUT it did not show up in the Activity Stream. The invite to a friend did, so not sure how much Activity Stream "captures" as it seems from my small experiment to be incomplete. Perhaps you might also clarify a thread from 6 months ago that discussed when inviting a Private Individual to a shared Notebook; how Private are things really? It seems that they can simply cut and paste the URL of the Notebook into an email and invite someone else to view things. At least I was able to do that, BUT I was not on a different computer and so IP address remained the same. If one can do as I indicated, would the Stream Activity (in theory) show that someone else had viewed the Notebook? While in general I trust those I invite to respect the Notebook, my own rule of thumb would be, if I share it, if it is in the Cloud then expect that there is at least some chance that others who I'd prefer not to see it, will soon or eventually see it. The earlier thread from 6 months ago wondered whether EN would ever have PW protection for such shared Notebook, any idea? Thanks for your great help on this forum, as a newbie I'm especially thankful to you and many others for cutting my learning curve and getting me through some of the EN gotchas. ========= Added after a bit more experimentation: If the one you are inviting does NOT have an EN account and you don't want to force them to create an account, THEN you should only give them permission to View Notes rather than View Notes and Shared Activity. If the latter is chosen then I believe that invitee is forced to create EN account before they can see the Notebook. I had originally invited myself at a different email address to a shared Notebook with the lower level of permission and that worked fine. I later changed the permission to the higher level to try and understand what the Shared Activity was. This then preventing me (at the second email address) from having access. I then deleted me as an invitee (synced EN) and then invited myself again with the lower level of permission. Perhaps I did NOT wait long enough, but it seems that there is some challenge in demoting an invitee to the lower level. I will try to figure out if there is a work around if one chooses the wrong level for someone.
  18. What is difference between allowing someone in a Shared Notebook (non-business account) to View Notes View Notes and Shared Activity EN would be much easier for Newbie to understand its use if their were Help built into the choices one is offered while using the app. Would save tons of searching on the forum, and even then the way things work changes with updates and different EN apps. EN should take more responsibility for this, and Tool Tips would also be helpful. Didn't want to start another thread on this topic even though this one is quite old.
  19. In Windows desktop app, if I attach a .txt file to a Note via the Paperclip icon, OR if I drag the file onto the Note the contents of the .txt file show up within the Note rather than being attached as a file. I am able to actually attach other types of files to Notes. What am I doing wrong? Newbie: Couldn't find this in forum via search so new thread.
  20. Thx jbenson2 ... I had actually read that article earlier today, and while I like his idea of having a standard content as part of each Note (yymmdd keyword keyword keyword) I am not sure I buy into his suggestion of making it the beginning of the Title field. He also attributes his approach to the following, and I do not agree that that is how I (or perhaps most people encode our memories): "Christopher argues that we naturally remember things chronologically. The idea comes from Noguchi Yukio‘s filing system. The theory being that you stuff everything from one day into an envelope and place the date and title of the contents on the outside of that envelope, and then stick it on your bookshelf. Since the belief is that we remember things by the date rather than by an artificial classification system (read: tags or notebooks), we’re more likely to find the information quickly by remembering “when” we made the note." Many years ago when I was doing NLP training (Neuro Lingusitc Programming - a methodology for personal change or being a change agent for others) we were asked as participants to ask in small groups several different stem questions and to simply note the way in which they were answered: Think of someone who is very important in your life ... How did you meet them? Some people would consistently answer the "How" question that started with a "where" answer. I met X at a ski resort ... rather than I saw X and liked the way he was skiing and approached him on the chair lift line to ask some ?s. For some people if you do the same thing but ask ... When did you meet X? the answer starts with where or vice versa. We found that some people have a very strong tendency to verbalize their answer starting with Where and then perhaps going to What and then to When. Others might strongly lead with When ... Regardless, personally I was not wowed by the interview, although some of what I have read of Grumpy Monkey's posts has been very helpful. I think I probably missed what he was getting at, other than the general thing of the value of keeping your system (and workflow) for organizing things as simple as possible as that is likely to have payoff. I had actually thought about starting a thread to discuss the article that you sight as I expect it'd be an interesting thread.
  21. Thank you both, very helpful. Jbenson2 - don't have an extraordinary memory and would plan to only memorize what I am calling Clusters which would start at 00 or 10 or 20 etc. To simply enter a Tag for a Note I'd just type the first number e.g. 2 and then look at the case sensitive drop down menu to choose the most relevant one. Not sure it would work as well for search, but wonder if (even if a Note is well tagged) a simple search on "words" that should be in the Note if it has the kind of information that you want would be the more likely way to search. The Tag searches could be added to that but generally in the more generic approach e.g. search might be website proposal Adams tag:2* to simply isolate the hits to anything that must use at least one Work-Cluster tag. I guess I am realizing that perhaps I really should be thinking about what kind of information retrieval I am likely to be doing, and then ask myself whether the Title and/or the "body text" of the Note is likely to be sufficient to be able to retrieve it? If the answer is yes, then the question is whether adding any kind of tagging is worth the effort. I think that if I need to find one specific Note then "body text" search should be sufficient. If I am doing research on an area, and want all Notes that might be relevant to Solar and Home and DIY, then having tagged notes would get me the results as the "body text" of some relevant notes might not have those (tags) as words in the text. Does that make sense? At this point I only have about 50 notes most of which are various test notes to just play with things so I am thinking about Search and Tagging a bit in the abstract which is a handicap. Again thanks to members for their helpful input.
  22. Newbie learning to understand EN, and arrive at my preliminary approach to use. Plan to minimize Notebooks and use Tags instead as my primary organization approach and means for retrieval. Searching: 1) It seems that you can NOT search for a match to a portion of a Tag name. The only partial Tag search one can do is that the Tag must start in a certain manner, but can be followed by any other characters. This is done by tag:xxx* 2) Can you use the "any" operator when searching using tag: and if so, please give a couple of examples of the proper syntax and what it would find. Tags: I am considering a tag structure all at one level (no nesting) that would be like this. My questions are really about the usefulness (or lack of it) for numbering Tags; the particular choice for the Clusters of Tags below is just an example ... 00PERSONAL 01skills 02health 03motivators 04inspiration 10WORK 11xclient 12yclient 12project 20FAMILY 21spouse 22daughter 23son 30HOME 31project 32dreams 33time savers 40FINANCES 41investments 42retirement plan 43taxes 50RENEWAL 51creativity 52travel 53hobby 60READING 61productivity 62pleasure 63health 70ARCHIVE etc. Ok, you get the idea. The cluster starts at a new numeric ten-spot and is in CAPS. For clusters that might be quite populated 3 digit prefix would keep it within that cluster. Would memorize only the 10 cluster (life focus) areas and when entering a Tag for a new Note by simply typing "6" EN would show me all of the choices in the READING cluster, and arrow keys if needed could navigate deeper into that cluster from the dropdown. 3 This seems to be how it functions in Windows desktop app, would it behave similarly in other clients? 4) It'd seem that a search tag:6* would bring up any Note tagged with something within the 6? cluster tag:6* tag:0* should bring up Notes that were tagged both with something from Reading cluster and from Personal cluster - Is that right? 5) It seems that a drawback to nested tags is that Parent tag name does NOT appear. If I have nested Tags of Michael under a Parent Tag Work clients and a nested Tag Michael under a Parent Tag Family things would get very confusing. While my tentative approach avoids this, it looses ability to collapse Tags, but to me that seems like a small price. What am I not understanding about Nested Tags? What are some of their advantages? It seems that if you use Ctrl+Alt+T to get at and assign Tags to an existing note, that you only see the child-tag without the context of its Parent; to me it'd be a lot better if EN used approach like Quicken to show Parent:child when it displays Tag. Thanks for any of your thoughts and helping to cut my learning curve further.
  23. I'm a newbie, but my work around for a check list would be ... First time through check all of the boxes; the next time I use it then consider it done, if the box is unchecked. If using multiple check lists over a short period of time and not completing any in one given session e.g. like grocery shopping then put a + at head of list if it is a checklist, and put a - if it is an un-checklist. Not elegant, but for me it'd probably beat having to figure out that the different EN clients allow the clear all feature or do NOT (yet) allow that. As a newbie, one of the nightmares of EN is that each of the clients have different features and/or different ways in which the features work. =========== For the check box in PC desktop client, I can start a check box list, but how do you "turn it off"? The tool bar icon does not really seem to be a toggle, and does not change appearance when you are in "check box mode" and when you are out of it.
  24. Thank you all for the hints, quite helpful, and welcoming. For me, who tends to over-think things, the suggestion of taking a limited area and start using EN and my tentative EN system to get experience and see how it works is quite helpful, and then observe what works about that and revise approach as you expand into capturing more of one's life in EN. I already use a task management system that I expect I will continue to use alongside of EN. I use a modification of GTD. My current suggestions to other newbies who intend to use EN for a lot of Notes and a lot of life management and productivity support ... Knowing some of the software limitations of EN: Only two levels of Notebooks (a parent with one child Notebook) is important etc. and some of the gotchas: What happens to tags when you merge Notes etc. is vital in devising an approach that will actually function the way that you want it to. For me the "issue" of how to use Notebooks and Tags for organizing and retrieving is a key and the article by the Italian woman in the GrumpyMonkey link above is very helpful; she also has a good article on merging notes. Worth getting through the somewhat awkward translation into English ... see here http://www.loriswave.altervista.org/?e=82&w=english for "Tag versus Notebook" and here http://www.loriswave.altervista.org/?e=87&w=english#body-anchor for "Merge Note; Note Link, and Tag" Even if one is not using Getting Things Done, I found numerous suggestions particularly about Tags and nesting Tags on "The Secret Weapon" to be quite helpful see here http://www.thesecretweapon.org/the-secret-weapon-manifesto/setting-up-the-secret-weapon and the principles they suggest would be relevant regardless of whether you are using "Getting Things Done" as your task management approach. This GrumpyMonkey article on "How to Optimize Your Evernote Experience" I also found to be very helpful http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=127 EN seems to be powerful and quite flexible (like Toodledo which I use for task management), but understanding how it functions and its limitations is needed in order to utilize that flexibility. The learning curve is a bit tougher as the apps are being upgraded frequently and so often you must upgrade older articles and posts to the current EN functionality. Too much of a newbie but thought this might help others who share some similarities with me and my goals for EN. Most important, thanks to all the forum people who willing share their knowledge.
  25. Jbenson, thanks so much. One of my key criteria in choosing software is a user forum with smart and helpful people. I already figured out that Brett Kelly seemed focused on greed. Will check your forum threads. Tried a few uTube videos and they are of mixed quality. From reading articles and my own knowledge of database management, I have decided to have a minimum number (perhaps <10) of Notebooks and NOT use Notebook structure as primary way of organizing AND retrieving/searching for information. Plan to have a robust tagging system that will support effective searches. Do you agree with that approach?
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