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  1. Interesting; definitely cumbersome as well as significant investment of money annually especially as I don't currently use either app. Aside from that do you find any problems or annoyances with this approach? Before I consider exploring it, want to have idea of downsides, problems. Does Pocket allow for different color highlighters (I usually use 3 for my research reading), and do these colors end up in your EN note? If I need this functionality my work around would probably copy/paste web article into Word. Read and highlight/annotate there. Then use Word advanced Find function for Format as Highlight; and then cut/paste the collective hits into an EN note. Fuller instructions here (https://www.howtogeek.com/212319/how-to-collect-multiple-highlighted-text-selections-into-one-document-in-word-2013/)
  2. Solved Thanks that was my plan ... Works in Safari; uninstalled Chrome ENWC extension and re-installed so now works on most websites. So as was true years ago with EN, I like it when it works, but can also be an enormous time waster when it doesn't and when it is inconsistent and unreliable. Will stick with EN for now but will abort and try something else if it continues to frustrate.
  3. Thanks @PinkElephant but this does not give me any idea on how to proceed. I have tried several different web pages to Web Clip including (ironically I guess) a Google search on migrating from EN to OneNote which I guess the EN web clipper didn't think was particularly funny! I realize one other detail - perhaps of relevance; the 1st clip I tried gave an EN "error msg" something to the effect that Clip was not successful as there was no internet connection, but I was connected to wifi and clipping from a page displayed in Chrome browser. Closed Chrome and opened it again, b ut instead of the "error" I now get a syncing one word that does not complete even after 45 minutes of waiting. Any suggestions? I was not prompted to do so after installing the EN MAC desktop app, but will try all of this again in morning after a MAC shut down and restart.
  4. Returning to my acct after many years and already having basic issues: In latest Chrome browser on MAC with latest MacOS I installed the Chrome EN web clipper extension. Upon clicking Elephant popup states page in tab needs to be reloaded to use this extension so did that. Clipping Simplified Article (or any other clip option) to EN inbox (with no annotations or remarks) ets stuck on "syncing" and never shows up in Inbox in EN for website (or having just downloaded the latest version of EN for MAC desktop). Free acct; only 2 devices being used. Like prior exp. with EN if it weren't for the excellent forum community I would have left EN a lot sooner. Now that I am doing more research again unless forum can help resolve this basic functionality I will probably drop EN and look at OneNote although from some Google searches it is clear that it has lots of issues as well. Edit to add Does paid version sync more reliably? I am fine with upgrading but discouraged that the simplest web clip will not work. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. {Moderator: Sorry I was not sure which user forum was most appropriate for this thread so please feel free to move it.}
  5. @EverDerm understand your frustration but EN doesn't seem to understand, or care, or seems like their original programming has made it extremely difficult to provide what many of us think as simple and essential functionality. I'd add to that being able to highlight text.. The resize issue has kept me from paying for EN, if you find a good alternative please report as many others might jump ship on EN.
  6. Garemeister Good post in my opinion and much more diplomatic than I am. Not really sure what good it will do (yes I am cynical about EN). The forthcoming answer might be ... we don't comment about our development plans a) because it might give unrealistic and unfounded expectations to people; and/or because it might give a competitive advantage to other software to know what we might be up to; and/or some other vague response that really provides nothing for a customer or potential customer to evaluate and make their own plans. If it is divulged that things are being developed, perhaps that accomplishes something, but maybe not. Something is being worked on ... well then one is left to wonder what priority it has, whether it is one person working on it and they are dedicating one hour a month on it, or whether there is actually a team of competent people actively pursuing a solution. I have no idea and seriously doubt that we will be told, but by being pre-emptive with regard to possible responses which I personally would find of little value, perhaps there might actually be a response that surprises me and actually provides something of greater usefulness. I use other software daily where the forum is frequented by the developer and there is dialogue that I and many forum members feel is informative and very responsive. I would look forward to being able to make a similar comment about EN.
  7. I notice that this is your only post, and perhaps EN might take note that you bothered to offer them feedback, but I doubt that they will take it to heart. While I agree with you that "this is a need that is a key feature for business sharing" I also contend that is vital to many of us who use EN personally. Actually I have pretty much abandoned my use of EN personally and will never pay for a personal account unless this simple feature is added (unless of course I find an alternative solution to EN). While I am not a programmer, but have done extensive testing on our internal company proprietary software, I expect that the original architecture of EN is such that they backed themselves into a corner and can not easily accomplish this feature. To many of us it is an obvious need that has many advantages. Not sure why I bothered to even post, but wanted to applaud you for taking time to give feedback perhaps yours will be the straw that breaks the camel's back and EN will finally take this seriously.
  8. Agreed, however for a company that has a tag line "Remember Everything" and in our western culture which is quite visually oriented (and perhaps increasingly so) the challenges in saving to EN a photo of a white board (from a biz brain storming session, or ...) or many of 100s of other suggested uses of EN is NOT easy if you want that image to be of small file size (so that it syncs fast; does not eat up your (free) account space; and does not needlessly use EN server space storing a 6MB image in the note when one of 150KB would probably be quite adequate. I have read some of the other threads around this and similar image issues with EN, and yes there are differences of how important it is to a particular user. I have my work around and from you and others have learned others for what I consider to be EN annoyances. None are yet deal killers, but it is one of many things that keeps me from becoming Premium, and one poster in this thread dropped Premium due to issues in this image management area. And FWIW I currently view EN in 3 stages (Ingestion Digestion Retrieval): For some things it is quick and easy to get into EN; I'd consider highlighting text that I wrote or that was clipped from website a fundamental part of Digesting/Processing. EN is quite good at retrieval via search but if what comes up is not quick and easy to then utilize then some of its value has been lost. Many people suffer from and with data overload, so highlighting (summarizing and other strategies) are perhaps important to store those "memories" so that they have better usefulness when retrieved. Just my opinion.
  9. I don't think you know what you are talking about!! Case 2, or at least what I want to do is take "attach/insert" a photo into a Note so that the photo has a small file size. EN (and as far as I can see Skitch) makes this simple act pretty tough to accomplish on an iPhone. Just used Skitch and it "brought in" the photo at 6.MB and took 60 seconds to sync over wi-fi, and for me that is useless. Others on forum have suggested the paid app FastEver Snap which I purchased and am using. I find EN development to be ridiculous requiring so many work around, other apps (your own Skitch) or something else to accomplish some pretty fundamental usability. One picture is worth a thousand words and EN's tag line is "Remember Everything" ... well here is a funny suggestion for you ... how about making it quick and easy to allow users to save quickly and easily what something looks like without it taking up enormous storage space. Sync would be quicker, it wouldn't eat up your server space, slow down the internet with unwanted and useless (for some memories) bloated file sizes. While Skitch might be useful in some instances if you know how to take a photo that highlights what is important and what it is you want to remember then it is in many circumstances completely unnecessary to add anything else and the latter would only slow down one's productivity. Thanks for listening, but quite frankly I have given up on expecting Evernote to make wise choices on my behalf and will continue to rely on the forum as it is clear that EN will continue to require many work arounds in order to deal with the (far too many) EN annoyances. Glad that Google Keep might in time keep you folks honest - a good idea you have but some poor execution. I know that is harsh, but as an adjunct to a business productivity tool you have a long way to go in making something that is really useful let alone elegant.
  10. @Chodorowicz Thx for a clear and helpful post. Will finally download Skitch and see whether it is actually of any value with my work flow. All of this would be so much faster if it were just part of EN client for windows desktop, and for IOS on iPhone, but of course that is just me (and perhaps many others!).
  11. Jackolicious perhaps I might be grateful that you dropped by and posted (afterall you are products manager), but I find your post non-enlightening. Has there been some recent change to Skitch that might address the post quoted above that implies having to make a round trip out of EN to Skitch is NOT painless, and does NOT effectively respond to customer typical use of EN. I would become a premium user but amongst other reservations I have about EN, (what I consider) half-baked EN features is at the top of the list. Using a photo image of low resolution, small file size would be an extremely useful EN feature. The official website, and many articles, and ebooks on using EN recommend taking a quick snap shot of a white board, restaurant menu, clothes sample, window shopping, conference agenda, etc. but implementing that in EN is not easy let alone slick. Emailing images from an iPhone camera roll (where the iPhone allows reducing file size) is great but EN rotates some images 90 degrees so this is another gotcha. A recent thread on Google Keep mentions that it in version 1 has that part solved and manages (like many other software offerings) to orient a photo so the intended top is displayed in the up position. I would be thoroughly embarrassed by the poor implementation that EN offers. I imagine that you might be offended by this post, however I believe that much of it is simply a statement of facts supporting my claim that EN has some mature features that are still really just half-baked. If it were not for this excellent forum and the ingenious work arounds that EN old-timers offer, I would have abandoned EN long ago, and I only started struggling with it 6 weeks ago. I care enough (and am hopeful enough) that someone with enough clout might actually get some things (that some/many here on the forum) feel are basic to actually work in an effective manner. Thanks for listening and considering making some of these things a much higher priority.
  12. +1 again and again and once more ... This is one of the key things that holds me back from going premium. EN tag line is "Remember Everything" actually I'd like EN to remember it (so I can retrieve it later); to do it simply and effectively. Since a picture is worth a 1,000 words it is often a preferred way of remembering and jogging the memory. Being able to downsize the image so file is smaller is pretty essential to many ... would sure be nice if this were implemented by EN soon, AND it'd be great if one could have a couple of user defined presets so that you could invoke these quickly for different situations (photo of a receipt on a biz trip versus higher quality photo of textiles where capturing the texture of the fabric is important). Think I'll have to explore FastEver Snap and suggest to that developer to have user defined presets. SO far what I remember of putting a photo in EN from iPhone is that it was a horrible experience; ate thru my non-premium account monthly limit by "connecting" large file sizes without warning me at all (in user guide) or on screen that I was eating thru my usage limit. It is actually surprising that I am still experimenting with EN, and that is due mostly to this excellent forum, that unfortunately is consulted too often for work-arounds for what seems to be EN's have-baked features that can often create huge frustration.
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