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  1. @EverDerm understand your frustration but EN doesn't seem to understand, or care, or seems like their original programming has made it extremely difficult to provide what many of us think as simple and essential functionality. I'd add to that being able to highlight text.. The resize issue has kept me from paying for EN, if you find a good alternative please report as many others might jump ship on EN.
  2. Garemeister Good post in my opinion and much more diplomatic than I am. Not really sure what good it will do (yes I am cynical about EN). The forthcoming answer might be ... we don't comment about our development plans a) because it might give unrealistic and unfounded expectations to people; and/or because it might give a competitive advantage to other software to know what we might be up to; and/or some other vague response that really provides nothing for a customer or potential customer to evaluate and make their own plans. If it is divulged that things are being developed, perhaps th
  3. I notice that this is your only post, and perhaps EN might take note that you bothered to offer them feedback, but I doubt that they will take it to heart. While I agree with you that "this is a need that is a key feature for business sharing" I also contend that is vital to many of us who use EN personally. Actually I have pretty much abandoned my use of EN personally and will never pay for a personal account unless this simple feature is added (unless of course I find an alternative solution to EN). While I am not a programmer, but have done extensive testing on our internal company propriet
  4. Agreed, however for a company that has a tag line "Remember Everything" and in our western culture which is quite visually oriented (and perhaps increasingly so) the challenges in saving to EN a photo of a white board (from a biz brain storming session, or ...) or many of 100s of other suggested uses of EN is NOT easy if you want that image to be of small file size (so that it syncs fast; does not eat up your (free) account space; and does not needlessly use EN server space storing a 6MB image in the note when one of 150KB would probably be quite adequate. I have read some of the other threads
  5. I don't think you know what you are talking about!! Case 2, or at least what I want to do is take "attach/insert" a photo into a Note so that the photo has a small file size. EN (and as far as I can see Skitch) makes this simple act pretty tough to accomplish on an iPhone. Just used Skitch and it "brought in" the photo at 6.MB and took 60 seconds to sync over wi-fi, and for me that is useless. Others on forum have suggested the paid app FastEver Snap which I purchased and am using. I find EN development to be ridiculous requiring so many work around, other apps (your own Skitch) or something
  6. @Chodorowicz Thx for a clear and helpful post. Will finally download Skitch and see whether it is actually of any value with my work flow. All of this would be so much faster if it were just part of EN client for windows desktop, and for IOS on iPhone, but of course that is just me (and perhaps many others!).
  7. Jackolicious perhaps I might be grateful that you dropped by and posted (afterall you are products manager), but I find your post non-enlightening. Has there been some recent change to Skitch that might address the post quoted above that implies having to make a round trip out of EN to Skitch is NOT painless, and does NOT effectively respond to customer typical use of EN. I would become a premium user but amongst other reservations I have about EN, (what I consider) half-baked EN features is at the top of the list. Using a photo image of low resolution, small file size would be an extremely
  8. +1 again and again and once more ... This is one of the key things that holds me back from going premium. EN tag line is "Remember Everything" actually I'd like EN to remember it (so I can retrieve it later); to do it simply and effectively. Since a picture is worth a 1,000 words it is often a preferred way of remembering and jogging the memory. Being able to downsize the image so file is smaller is pretty essential to many ... would sure be nice if this were implemented by EN soon, AND it'd be great if one could have a couple of user defined presets so that you could invoke these quickly for
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