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  1. I said the Note List disappears when I click on a shortcut, not a link. A shortcut appears on the Left Panel under Shortcuts, and you create one by right-clicking on a note in the Note List and selecting "Add to Shortcuts".
  2. I don't know what you mean about the green and blue links. If I click on them, it doesn't bring me to Evernote at all. It just opens an expanded window containing an image of the green and blue links. According to Evernote | Help | Check for updates, "Evernote 10.3.7 is currently the newest version available."
  3. The Note List disappears when I click on a note shortcut - it just shows the Left Panel and the Note Panel. With the Legacy version, it will show the Left Panel, the Note List and the Note Panel, with the Note List showing the notes corresponding to the note in the Note Panel.
  4. Thanks, that is much better. Now, is there any way to prevent the Note List from going away?
  5. It used to be that the main Evernote window consisted of 3 panels: Left Panel, Note List and Note Panel. You always knew where to find what you wanted, because it was always on the screen. Now panels are popping up and disappearing for no good reason. Sometimes they hide behind other panels. You never know where to find stuff. Can we have the three panels back?
  6. What's with the white tray icon? I can hardly see it. Can't we have a visible icon, like green or something?
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