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  1. Hello @Evernote, are you planning to fix this? I keep wasting time by having to run a screen refresh.
  2. At the end of the article is text "Written by Pamela Rosen on June 27th, 2017". Coding to pick this up must be straightforward. Of course though - unfortunately - clipping the sumplified article misses this.
  3. @DTLow I am sure it must be possible to scrape the author's name and the date of the article,a s it is usually right near the start.#
  4. Yes please! I agree 100% with @Nomadic. I clip articles very often. The author name and date are CRUCIAL, so I cannot use the simplified article. @Evernote, what is your plan for this please?.
  5. Please add me for this. Sometimes I want to change the note background color. Is this change easy for Evernote to implement? Probably very. Is this change useful? Evidently as many people have asked for it!
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