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  1. bilbo_b

    windows (Archived) Search for unsynced notes

    thx for your replys. I have found the List View with the needed Informations. Thx
  2. Hello together, is there a way to search via some keyword for unsynced notes and save this as a saved and favoritet search?
  3. bilbo_b

    (Archived) Adding Mass Metadata

    Im primarly on Windows and Windows Phone (7.8). What can i do? If you talk about editing the database, which database format is the DB? SQLite or any other SQL? Whats going on, when i edit the DB file "offline"? Will the changes to the DB are synced back to the online DB and so to all my other devices or do i lost the changes, since i dont have edited them with Evernote directly?
  4. Hello together, since i installed Evernote V5 on Windows i wonder if it is possible to edit Metadate via Mass Editing. Is this possible? How can i do that? I mean such things like Author, Geodata and so on. Keywords is no Problem, i can do it after marking some notes but there seems to be no way for other Metadata.
  5. Above the note editor, there is an "i" icon/button. That lets you modify all the meta-info of the note. There is no box, to edit the Author. i have added a screenshot. That is probably a bug. What type of notebook is that note in? A notebook someone invited you to? (If so, what permission level do have?) Is it perhaps a business notebook or something else? thanks! This issue occurs in all of my normal personal notebooks. If i look in the web oin the same notes, all works fine.
  6. Above the note editor, there is an "i" icon/button. That lets you modify all the meta-info of the note. There is no box, to edit the Author. i have added a screenshot.
  7. Another thing what makes me wondering: In beta 3 i see the count of all notes aggregated, including shared notebooks from others, in the webview i see only my own notes aggregated. If i saw this the first time, i was alarmed, but after counting all the note in my own notebooks and compare them with the rest, i found the solution :-) Could you please only count "own notes" under the "notes" point in the left pane?
  8. Maybe i didnt see it but, where in Beta V3 can i add or change the Author of a Note? Its possible in Web, but i cant see a way in WIndows V5 beta. Isnt it possible?
  9. bilbo_b

    (Archived) Preventing Line Breaks

    Ohh sorry, thx for your Tip. Here is the translation of my Question: i would like to insert in the WebClient some Sourcecode inside my Note, to have it for future reference. How can i prevent it to have the automatic line break in my Sourceode? I would like scroll from left to right to see my code, but the code must stay on the same line.
  10. Hallo zusammen, ich bin grad dabei Quelltext als Notiz zu übernehmen. Wie kann ich denn den automatischen Zeilenumbruch verhindern, so das alles in eine Zeile steht und ich nach rechts scrollen muss?
  11. bilbo_b

    windows (Archived) Reminders

    Hello, is there any Road Map about when we can expect Reminders in the Evernote Windows Desktop Version?
  12. Is there a way to display all shared notes or a search, which finds only shared notes?
  13. After installing Evernote 5 Beta, i have enabled the Option "Autostart with Windows". But Evernote does not autostart with Windows, i must start it manualy. Im on Windows Vista with latest Patches and on a second computer on Windows 7. Its the same there.