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  1. It's not a matter of being straight forward. You start a Chat and it says "you're first in line, ... less than 2 minutes, etc." Two minutes my *ss. Twenty minutes later and no one in sight. Then I move on to other tasks, by the time I return the chat has been ended (I assume I missed the lone soul on chat support, lol). Try again, same BS except after a long, weird screen refresh, it says "you're #4 in line, etc., etc." After probably 10 minutes and still #3 I closed the window. Better things to do. Like decide whether I'm going to port to Microsoft Notes or not...
  2. Thanks Dave-in-Decatur! Calling it like I see it. Tried to get Chat support this morning. Never did get through. Useless. Probably one person manning the support lines lol.
  3. Yes, support has become an embarrassment. When I originally upgraded to Premium or whatever I have you could call in. Now, chat doesn't even work. I suspect it has something to do with rumors of the company not doing so well, and probably layoffs in tech. support. Not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised. It will be a sad day if Evernote ceases to exist.
  4. Thanks for the clear instructions Jazzerbobby! I'm assuming you simply "sync" again after you change the settings to download notebooks. After you sync again, is there any way to verify that the notebooks are actually on your device (before leaving cell service)?
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