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  1. Is it just me or is Evernote increasingly buggy recently? I've noticed over recent weeks that Evernote is regularly failing to work right. If I click on an existing note in a sidebar, it won't display its content in the main window. If I click "New Note", a window will appear but without a title line and there's no way for me to get my cursor inside the window to start typing. Quitting the app and restarting always fixes the issue but only for a while. Really thinking this app may be on its last legs and it's time to find an alternative. Desktop version on Macbook Pro running Cat
  2. @gazumped I appreciate your Workaround, but Evernote's efficacy for me is its multiplatform syncing and ease of access "on the fly," which is not so much the case with Word. Once I'm using Word, I might as well rely on Spotlight to find what I need. My situation would be entirely suited by Evernote with the simple addition of the ability to print all notes in a Notebook. I have no difficulty imagining that there are other perfectly mundane situations that would be equally suited by the simple ability to print all notes in a Notebook. For example, I can easily imagine that a s
  3. @gazumped@DTLow Re "financial precariousness, see this June article in the NY Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/28/business/evernote-what-happened.html If only I were able to print as easily as you. When I select multiple notes to print from a Notebook, the print dialog that comes up shows only the number of pages in the first note. Hence the need to print each note separately. I cannot show you a screenshot without massive redaction to protect my client information -- you'll have to take my word for it. I have also seen this documented elsewhere: As to permanent record,
  4. I've now tried multiple workarounds, including emailing multiple notes to myself, to try to solve this perplexing and fundamental failure in Evernote. If I can't make multiple notes within a Notebook and then print them all out or save them to PDF, the program's raison d'etre is fundamentally flawed IMO. When you create a Notebook, you want to be able to access the contents of THE NOTEBOOK, not just a single note. In my case, I've been using Evernote to log important communications with clients on various topics, dates, phone calls, meetings etc. I need a PERMANENT record of those comm
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