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  1. Can i use it to replace my App Store version of Evernote?
  2. 1,2. Evernote doesn't encrypt your notes in local and the cloud. 3. I believe that Evernote employees will never access our notes. 4. In Mac, Evernote stores everything as plain texts in ~/Library/Application/Evernote folder If you need Evernote encryption, you can try to use MacFort to encrypt Evernote with password, this software is great if you have a MAC version of Evernote. See:http://www.madowsoft.com/how-to-encrypt-evernote-with-password-protection.html
  3. Is it free or not?
  4. How can i update to iOS 7? My iPhone 4 doesn't notify me to update!
  5. If you have App store version of Evernote installed, try to download non-App store version, My apple mail crashes randomly due to app-sandboxing.
  6. I'm looking for a solution to encrypt Evernote notebooks since i found MacFort. see http://www.madowsoft.com/how-to-encrypt-evernote-with-password-protection.html ,Hope can help someone
  7. Hope the option back too, by the way, i must say i love Evernote 4.0 more, Evernote 5 is slower than the old version on my iMac..
  8. i have ubuntu installed, find a solution to make Evernote work on ubuntu
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