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  1. If there is not much fund for development on a software company, we will see the end of Evernote soon. There is no survival in this business without development. I hope they understand this... Anyways, still trying to hope for the best.
  2. I tried Bear out for a while... I think it is a great app. But to be honest, I am using Evernote for all my documents, receipts, all my payment stuff... anyways, It is not easy to replace a system that you've invested so much time on and have over 3600 notes. Isn't it supposed to be your digital brain? brains are not easy to replace. Well, at least we have dark mode now. First time I posted on this thread we didn't. It was Aug 2018
  3. Hello! Does anyone know if it would be possible to add an Evernote tag via hazel (script) depending on the month and year? Have have a nested time related tag structure and it would be nice to add those automatically. For example: If pdf file is being imported today it would tag it with 12-Dec and [2018]. How do I automate this tagging process during file intake. via hazel? I hope I was able to explain the idea, if not, please let me know and I will try to come up with a better example. Thank you all in advance! -V
  4. Does anyone have a megaphone? I don’t think they can hear us...
  5. So here we are 7 years after this conversation started. Why hasn’t this feature been implemented yet? I am an Evernote advocate on my community/family. I try to get everybody on board... but to be honest I’ve been felling I made the wrong choice to invest so much time and trust on this system. It feels like evernote is stuck on time. There are no great improvements, no dark mode... Merging notes on iOS is a basic feature requested 7 years ago.... Disappointed.
  6. Yes! So glad to finally find a solution for this. For me the === is the best because I don't even need to press "shift". I've been considering on only using my iPad for my "portable" life, but things like this line was driving me nuts. Thank you all!
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