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  1. Hi Mike, That is so helpful - thanks. Following on what you wrote, I also discovered shift-click at the beginning and end of a group of tags, then ctrl-C works too. So while the old way of just selecting with the mouse/trackpad is gone, that's a perfectly acceptable workaround for me. Now if only they'd get rid of the clunky Calendar window so I can get back to using my keyboard to change a Created Date, I would be pretty happy with the new Evernote. Cheers🌺
  2. This is another feature which was lost in the new Evernote. I do not understand the logic of upgrading Evernote and losing features like the ability to copy all tags, or the ability to change a "created" date or "updated" date by using the keyboard.
  3. I bring this up frequently with Evernote. I use the "create date" to redate statements, tax records etc., sometimes year old things I've scanned. I use it for historical records, for instance change grandmother's birth certificate to 19c. It was very easy in what they now call "Evernote Legacy" to use the keyboard, now have to use that dratted calendar. Sometimes, with the calendar, you can scroll through the years, sometimes scroll doesn't work. It doesn't make sense to me to remove features.
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