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  1. I also believe this to be a much needed feature. I have separate work and personal accounts and I would like to more easily switch between them on my mobile devices. Thanks
  2. Yes, please give back the option for the horizontal list. I have billions of programs for reminders, but only ONE I use for my notes. I NEED the horizontal list. Thanks. And let me add to my own post... I am a PAID user as well, and this problem is making me much less likely to want to keep doing that... Ditto. I'm sure many of the happy users are not frequenting the forum enough to see that post. That's the nature of product forums, they are mostly populated by people with issues and the evangelists that discuss those issues. Also, as a software architect myself, I am having a hard time understanding how a reminders feature would require the removal of a horizontal display. If it does, you may be trying to streamline things a bit too much. It's always a tricky balance figuring out where to spend your time, but I strongly disagree with your decision in this case. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, the absence of the horizontal layout (and the way in which it disappeared without warning) will likely lead to my departure from evernote.
  3. I see others are asking similar questions, but is this "Redesigned vertical list view" mandatory? I've looked all over for a preference setting to put it back, but I can't find it. I understand many people requested a vertical list, but I am NOT one of those. Why wasn't this change just an added layout option?
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