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  1. You are right, perhaps for most other users Markdown isn't important and Evernote is just not designed to cater to our niche (Markdown, syntax highlighting, formatting) and for us, it is time to stop hoping and waiting but to leave for good. I have been with Evernote since the beginning, the very first beta, bought tons of stuff from the old lifestyle store. Got their stickers everywhere on my desk, laptop, fridge.... I would say having to leave Evernote is an emotional one because it is truely a great product.
  2. To evernote: it is 2018, are you still not doing something about native markdown?
  3. Cool , good for you. I think the reason evernote does not improve might be due to users like you, who don't seem to be interested in voicing out and making strong demands so that the product can grow and become better but blindly worshipping evernote as if it has nothing wrong. I am not willing to give up on the features i need too, which is markdown support, that is why i am expressing my frustrations using plain language instead of lazily pressing the up button. I know every possible workarounds, i even wrote some web apps to to write notes with markdown and syntax highlight. But wait a moment, why i should not be the one finding a work-around in the first place ? Shouldn't it be the job of evernote team to support customers with their use cases , provide solutions be it temporary or not and listen to customer's requests ? Funny story of the day: One day, a restaraunt run out of salt and served 2 dishes without salt to customers. Person A talks to the manager demanding a refund or a new dish to be served. Person B thought to himself :"it is okay, maybe the cook want that dish to be healthier and i can work-around by bringing my own salt"
  4. I feel that i am paying a yearly subscription because i expect improvements to be made over the years and since i am paying money for improvements and support, i have the right to make noise and express my frustrations in the feature request thread of user forum as much as i want when the feature i want is not implemented over 5+ years. Also, i don't want to be told to use another alternative if the feature i expect from a product is not there.
  5. How does machine learning help us taking notes more than features like markdown, headings, nested tags? Can someone explain to me please
  6. I'm on Bear too but still keeping Evernote for a while longer until all hope is gone. I really really want to stay at Evernote camp because I have been a premium user since 2011 and quite used to it now.
  7. I really think that it would be wise to quickly make markdown available before products like Bear take away those of us programmers forever, you know it is quite troublesome (the mere thought of doing that is a burden) to migrate to another platform once you already accumulated a pile of programming notes and snippets. We REALLY need the markdown and code highlighting.
  8. This is indeed very true. Even my nerdy friends(computer science majors) have no clue what is a markdown. But I got this theory that many digital markers and nerds like myself promoting Evernote rely on markdown to write their blog posts (just a theory, no evidence) and to store their coding notes since there's a high chance they are the ones teaching their family, friends, colleges how to use Evernote + introducing Evernote to the non-nerds, it makes sense to make these group of people happy first because they bring in new customers and their job rely on certain features? Just a thought though, maybe the truth is far from that. PS: i'm the one making everyone around to start using evernote and ignore stuff like onenote and apple note.
  9. If it's too challenging to build markdown on top of existing enml ,would it be possible to hav3 a new note type like how you cr3ate a handwriting note? Then don't have to worry about compatibility/web clipping issu3s .
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