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  1. I run Evernote fullscreen on my secondary display. If I reboot my Mac (telling it to remember open windows), when I log back in, Evernote opens in fullscreen but on my primary display. This happens every time. I have to take it out of full screen, move it over to my secondary display then re-enable fullscreen mode. Other apps that I run in fullscreen on my secondary display don't have this issue and always open up on the secondary display. Is this a bug in Evernote? UPDATE: Just realised you can easily reproduce this issue by quitting Evernote, and re-opening it, you don't have to reboot the Mac.
  2. Where does Evernote Helper store it's notes before they are Saved to Evernote? Something has caused mine to wipe itself before I had the chance to click Save, and I've lost some important info. Is it possible to recover the note from Time Machine? James
  3. If the reason for not making PDFs display immediatly upon opening the note, is due to the delay caused while downloading, and the space that downloading a PDF takes up, then how about just displaying a much higher res thumbnail inside the note? With the option to then download the actual PDF if required. This should enable you at the very least to work out if it's the correct PDF before downloading it, and could also allow you to read the document without needing to download and open the full PDF. A low quality JPG, with the resolution of the iPhone screen would surffice, and would be about 20kb, vs over 10 times that for the full PDF. With this method, you'd quickly be able to view the file, and often probably not need to actually then download the full PDF.
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