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  1. Hi, I saw one thread that was named "Skitch not working on Mac Catalina" but it has been closed down but I still have the issue. Someone from EN suggest to go to security and allow Skitch to have access on Mac for screen recording. But as someone else mentioned, for not all of us does Skitch appear here at all. What do I do? I am really missing Skitch big time.
  2. Hmm, in mine it goes back to Evernote but I have to re-open the note in full-view again:/
  3. So when I switch in the dock so to speak (between programs) when I'm back in Evernote again than I again have to "open new window" to get the full note view again:/
  4. Thank you but when I do double click it to open, then I can´t switch between the other tabs (Safari, Email etc and back to my Evernote note) I use Mac. Is there a way to work on a note in full-view and still be able to switch between?
  5. Hi, I can´t find where the "expand" button is in Desktop version? On web its up in right corner. This is to view the note in "full size" so to speak (yes, been at the "view" bar and "window" bar in Desktop but can't find it here either) If anyone from Evernote sees this to maybe have a look at the UX on this one on Desktop.
  6. I'm assuming by platforms for Mac you mean the Desktop (I use Mac web). Not sure what is meant by "email feature" but concluding that need to download the Desktop to expert. Thank you!
  7. The support article that addresses export of notes says to "right click" on it but this doesn't work. Is it because I'm using web-version? (I find the article to be extremely lacking of good information, as it should say if it only applies to Desktop or web) Happy if anyone knows how to expert from web or if need to be Desktop.
  8. I have an issue that if I copy text from Evernote web into an email / other place then the text all of a sudden has a lot of weird characters in it. (". It´s who I am.Â" is what it looks like) When Googling I see the issue was solved in 2017 but obviously there still is one. Does anyone have a solution?
  9. Hi, so I found the note in the regular "list" off all notes. I click the drop down to erase it. But now the pop-up is still there but has changed the options. (And still won´t go away even though I hit "erase") Options on pop up now are: "Erase note" "Restore and edit" and "ignore". (I click "erase note" of course but it keeps on coming) I also tried to go to my profile and click "sync" to see if it would "update" the fact that I have erased the notes but didn´t help. (I even tried "restore and edit" but the button doesn't respond - nothing happens) Ha, so annoying. I guess maybe wait for an app update from Evernote to see if an update will do the trick. If not to buy premium for a month to be able to report the bug / not going away.. (The file was 700MB.. so not something I want uploaded to Evernote regardless)
  10. Hard reset is something to only do when there something critical to the iPhone itself: https://www.payetteforward.com/how-to-hard-reset-iphone-why-its-bad/ (And not worth all the risks for a pop-up in an app.. but thank you!)
  11. Hi, I tried to upload a too large file from phone to evernote. It gave me the pop-up that said "Note cannot be synced". (With options to Upgrade to Premium or "Ignore") I hit ignore as I then decide not to upload file. But pop-up keeps coming every time I open up app! I tried to click "edit" on the upload but the edit button down´t work. (Witch is a pure bug) I hard lock app etc but pop-up won´t go away. And the "edit" as option where I suspect is where one can the delete the upload try isn´t working when clicked.
  12. Yes, that´s why it was shocking to see that by default it wanted to send one of my notebooks in the chat! (without requesting it or even have used chat before) I´m on iphone6 pluss, newest ios8 version and newest evernote version.
  13. Just crazy to think about creating an account for just chat as Evernote should of course with the huge company that they are have security as priority number one and should not make users worry or have to take extra steps themselves. Thanks for comment!
  14. I just don´t understand what Evernote is doing to it´s products these days. I had shared a note with a friend. He started a chat, I started responding. And then right before I hit send I see "Share notebook xxx" above the shat. So basically hitting the send button would have shared with him this totally private notebook that had nothing to do with the note I shared! I clicked it away, so the error is that it´s there by default for some reason when seeing a chat for first time. This was on mobile! (not web)
  15. It´s a bit crazy that it´s not possible to see what documents have been shared? (For example in Google Drive, Dropbox and most services when you enter the doc you see who it´s been shared too) I remember sharing a note yesterday but today forgot witch but I know the title of it, but it does not say that it was shared. The person got it so now I´m just confused on how it can not show?
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