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  1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ When one cannot win an argument and therefore need to switch to patronising tone. ? EDIT: I am going to do you a favor, so that you can keep feeling good with yourself while gaining more momentum --> I am unsubscribing to this thread (or any) because it is pretty obvious this community medium is pointless and full of "guru" fanboys with patronising "advice" to give to all these dumb user requests.
  2. It is not up to you to decide if users should or should not be locked. The purpose of this thread is very very, very clear. I shall emphasise VERY. We users/customers, posting on this thread, are voicing to implement Markdown feature. NOT to be made our needs as a "redundant thing" to be addressed or to be given the advice of look for other options when SOME of us DON'T want others options "elsewhere". I am fine with moving some of most important stuff to Bear and work from there. However, I find your contribution to this thread highly disrespectful/dismissal of the concerns we all in this thread are defending/asking for.
  3. So you implying that users who come to this thread asking for Markdown... don't know how to use Markdown or where to find it elsewhere? haha are we dumb? Isn't obvious THAT we know where to "get Markdown" because obviously in Evernote we can't... but WE WANT? Feels like your "contribution" int this thread is a bit our relevance and pointless. Admit it you are here just to talk down users asking for this feature because you are A-Fanboy or B-Inside_job or C-Inside_Conspiracy. ?
  4. Don't worry about that No inside conspiracy. Just pure inside job. So far your posts in this thread are not meant to help "new" users but instead blunt attempts to defer the "unwanted/unpleasant" feedback provided by advanced users regarding unhappiness or disappointment for lack of (obvious) feature implementation. For example, Headings or nested tags shouldn't be even considered as a feature. They are pretty much essential part any editor and Markdown is pretty evident is widely used by journalists, developers, researchers, bloggers, writers, authors etc.
  5. ? of course, you are. So much that you spend all your life here (9000 posts...). I wonder how much of that interest on "the How" has worked for you so far. Wait...I know you will tell amazing things next or maybe use a slight critique of Evernote to make yourself look humble and really convince people here that you are not a biased inside job with such profound and insightful (helpless regardless) replies to whoever makes any undercutting critique of the situation we are living for years regarding the lack of implementation of obvious features in favor of no so desired ones.
  6. Ah! of course, you don't (want to) see it I wouldn't expect anything less from an inside job (looking at that Guru + 8800 posts) It is NOT a "completely different discussion", it is INDEED quite a relevant one. How can such unpopular feature get priority into the development against very popular and old requested features like markdown, headings, nested tags? Not relevant? only for inside job fanboys who refuse to admit and get into this denial propaganda. Feel like whoever is monitoring this community feedback is basically issuing a certification of idiocy to all these "dumb users who in their crazy minds think that Markdown or heading or nested tags are important".
  7. Yeah. Exporting data is particularly useful these days when moving all content from Evernote to other platforms who are not using our data for Machine Learning purposes.
  8. You trust Evernote, a private corp, to be your "digital life" ? ...until they start having a decline in Growth and are forced to shutdown/merge/sell. Then your digital life is gone.
  9. We are a minority. But we are a minority with very strong influence. Ignore what the minority advanced/nerd users say and it is just a question of time until the rest of the following crowd (incl. the media) will start promoting very solid alternatives and by then those alternatives become the norm. It is the law of diffusion of innovation. Actually, former Evernote CEO used to talk about this few years ago. Life is full of ironies and that is why he also left. The metrics/numbers might be looking good or "stable" at the moment. But if there something that history tells about Product Management and Growth is that you should never ignore earlier symptoms from unexpected or unworthy sources.
  10. Ah! cant remember last time I posted around here about this or the lack of pre formatted headings levels not being available on Desktop apps... Seriously? something fundamental and of utter value to the users is not implemented but their rubbish machine learning into our private content is top priority ??? -Face palm- I already moved to Bear guys and updates are keep coming. The hell with Evernote. Bear is a beautiful and clean interface, support Markdown and is on all platforms No brainer. Happy to give them my money and support development, not like this doomed app that asks for the premium price and bluntly ignore customers feedback. Disappointed at Evernote product management team. Shame on you.
  11. If you are on macOS or iOS maybe you should try Bear Pro bear-writer.com
  12. YES. Please give us Markdown functionality.
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