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  1. @PinkElephant ok, not for Free... But I linked Evernote to my Teams account while I was using Personal... Then I switched to Professional... has been working for sometime... then stopped.. So I don't think it's a plan related problem.
  2. @KCAngi yes... same screen, same thing. Last thing I tried was to create a free account and login with this... but when requesting access I got: {"success":"false","reason":"csrf_failure"}. Maybe free accounts can't access Teams.... Unless, Evernote developers did this: Started with no restrictions for share and collaboration per subscription and then had to redesign the plans with different access rights...
  3. Had no issue with the personal subscription... upgraded to professional... still no issue .... suddenly it happened and I haven't managed to get rid of the problem... in dozens of notes I shared to MS Teams still get the "Sorry" error... Notes are accessible from web or Evernote client with no problem... I can even still add a new Evernote note in teams anytime... just when it opens it doesn't show...
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