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  1. @mkadmin are you seeing the same screen as I posted above? I've been working with EN support and EN developers. They are still trying to determine what is causing the issue. I will also share your info with them and post on here when a resolution is reached.
  2. If it was a subscription issue, wouldn't I get that sort of message instead seeing a loading issue error after being allowed to choose a note to share?
  3. No, but I'm not wanting to save conversations or track decisions. I only want to share a note.
  4. I sure will. I'm hoping they can get this working again for us soon!
  5. I decided to create a single note as recommended and just proved a simplified list. However, it is not sharing on MS Teams. It allows me to chose a note to share within MST, but then it doesn't display it. I've attached what I am seeing below.. I have contacted EN support and am awaiting a response from them.
  6. Unfortunately, that won't work. She doesn't want to see all of my notes, just a list of tasks. I also do not share all of my tasks with her, which Is why creating a notebook for her would work great, but I need to be able to hide it from my task list. Is that not possible? My hope is to find a solution that allows me to do everything I need inside Evernote. Otherwise, I will be forced to repeat my efforts by copying and pasting specific tasks back into Excel.
  7. Ok, that would work, except that creates a duplicate of it on my task list. Is there a way for me to hide specific notebooks from the task list?
  8. I have a paid personal account that I just started using at work. I’m the only person that uses Evernote. Prior to EN, I was keeping my tasks in an Excel spreadsheet which was shared w my manager so she could see what I’m working on. I need to be able to continue to share this information w her. We also use Microsoft Teams at work. Is there a way to make all of my tasks create their own notebook or note that I can share with her on MSTeams? Or can I share my task list with her?
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