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  1. I agree with Noteworthy and N Allen. I previously commented that the scrolling issue was FIXED in version (305825) Public because I did not have any issues. BUT I just discovered today that the comment by N Allen is true. If I have a list of check boxes and press enter at the end of the most recent entry in the list, the next checkbox is put in place BUT YOU CANNOT SEE IT because the screen does not scroll down. Really not a BIG deal, but it should not happen. I have not entered "tables" in Evernote so I have not experienced the issue with the TAB key mentioned by Noteworthy.
  2. Thanks for advising that this has been fixed. I agree that it is has been fixed and I am pleased that it now works properly.
  3. Why can't this issue be corrected Evernote? It is so frustrating. I am having the exact same issue for quite some time. I am using Windows 7, Evernote (303788) Public, Chrome 56.0.2924.87 Update 03/31/17 The issue still exists in Bug still exists in
  4. The background color CAN BE CHANGED in the Windows 7 environment. It took me a while to figure that out... Click on Tools>Options>General>Left panel theme: change the theme from dark to light.
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