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  1. Hi GrumpyMonkey. What we are looking for is the ability to turn OCR OFF for JPEG images, since most photos do not contain any usable text, yet Evernote "finds" words all over each image, then shows them in search results. For example, I just searched for the word "vera" in my database, and of the 22 resulting notes, fully 6 of them were spurious results where "vera" was found in a tree or something. I don't want to have to deal with all the random words Evernote finds in photos, and neither do the many other posters above. I want OCR for PDFs ONLY, or the ability to designate which images get
  2. I've previously posted about this, and am glad to hear that developers are aware of the need to be able to choose thumbnails for a note. In addition to this feature, another sorely needed one (unless I've missed it somehow) is the ability to TURN OFF OCR for photos!!! Most of my notes are photo-centric, as I use Evernote for an image database of large collections. Now when I search for a keyword, I get as many spurious results (where Evernote has somehow "found" the word in a tree or article of clothing...) as real ones. This is HUGELY impacting my ability to use the program, and if I weren'
  3. Another vote for letting us choose our thumbnail, or simply make it the first one in a note that is above a certain minimum size. That is easy to implement on the developer side, yet gives the user control. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!
  4. I'm also TOTALLY frustrated by this limitation. I use the note cards as a visual database for collections and also for home inventory, and half the time the thumbnail image is not representative. WE NEED THE ABILITY TO CHOOSE THE THUMBNAIL!!!! OR AT LEAST AN OPTION TO USE THE TOPMOST PICTURE IN THE NOTE (that would be simple to implement, right?? A whole lot simpler logic that the current convoluted and useless algorithm...). As other posters have said, it is fine if this capability is confined to the desktop version. I cannot understand how this thread has been going on for literally YE
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