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  1. As I said earlier, I've just given up on Evernote and just have some very old ones which I migrate elsewhere if I have cause to use them. For all its faults Pages for Mac is much better typographically and in an all Apple environments its handover between platforms is great. For non-typographic material I use Simplenote which also syncs well and on an iPhone lets you scale the type to a readable size [unlike Apple's own Notes which i weird]. Colin
  2. Thanks for that, I seem to remember it from before. I'd have a personal backup if Evernote had performed properly! Seem like blackmail on their part, you pay them to restore something that should be restorable for free with one keystroke. I've tried had to think of one and I can't think of any other app, paid for or free, that has no undo. Seems odd to have to pay for a restore when all it contains are conflicts [due to the weirdness of Evernote, I've not had it with any other 'sharing' app] and may not reveal anything I don't already have. I'll be glad to see the back of it when I'v
  3. My problems with Evernote have come to a head. I have long had a problem with rich text and as I am now Apple only I was in the process of moving all my notes to Pages [and had discontinued my paid sub to Evernote. My biggest note was hugely inflated by dozens of conflicts [to the extent that when I last looked on my iPad it said it was too big to open, and then opened it]. I was copying and pasting it bit by bit into Pages leaving out the duplicates, which was most of it. However every time I tried to select or copy Evernote would hang, sometimes for up to 24 hours [you can tell how
  4. I like Evernote less every time I use it and have cancelled my Plus sub from later in the month and am gradually moving my notes to other platforms. Now, at every new entry first nothing happens, then the type appears in the window and ten I get the spinning beach ball. Every time! Activity monitor says 'not responding' for an age. I have trashed the app and re-installed but it makes no difference. Does anyone have an idea? Cheers, Colin
  5. I've jumped! I got rid of an Android phone for an iPhone so all my notes that need formatting or encrypting are in Pages, the others I was already moving to Google Keep, but may abandon that in favour of Simple Note
  6. As far as I know nothing has changed. It is one of many issues [the typography really bugs me] which seem below their radar. I also got fed up with documents not being available offline [the reason I paid to be a Plus subscriber]. As a Mac user with an iPad I have decided just to use Apple's Pages for rich text [and enjoy the advantage of handoff], and the simple notes will join others already in Google's Keep. Ii suspect that will eventually cover all my needs, mostly better than Evernote and I can delete it. i'm sure there are many things that Evernote does better than Pages o
  7. Thank Guru. I have combined your suggestions and asked it Support could decrypt it for me, it is, after all, their app which is broken!
  8. Thanks, I think I've already tried that and it creates another encrypted note [which may generally speaking be a good idea, but it is NOT a good idea that you can't copy a decrypted note!]
  9. If I try to log in on iPad via Chrome [and I assume Safari] I get 'Sorry, Evernote Web is not supported on iPad browsers'. Browsers work on OSX, but not for encrypted notes, a bug which they have known about for months.
  10. I have one encrypted note and this feature in now broken on Mac so I cannot open the file in the Mac app or on web. i can open it in the android app and with iOS [tho the latter does not allow browser use]. i need to 'liberate' the file, but it seems that even when decrypted an Evernote cannot be copied/pasted if it was previously encrypted. all the share options I have tried just result in a link to the encrypted note. How can I escape?
  11. My migration from Evernote has started. Not only do I have problems with encryption, but the type formatting is worse than any free text editor I know, I find it increasingly difficult to make an insertion point in iOS or Android and with the encrypted note that I can open in Android and iOS, but not Mac I find it can't be edited. Also I find that even though I pay for 'Plus' there are notes that I can't open when I have no internet.
  12. I guess that is true, but you might think the primary purpose of Evernote was to keep our data safe too! i shall prioritise my move to 1Password, but of course without resetting passwords first to get to sites 'or remembering the easier ones] I can't do it until Evernote is working properly or iLl have random superseded p/was in Evernote. Other problems with Evernote means I'll gradually abandon it: I shall used Google Keep for stuff that can get by in plain text or I need on my android phone, for formatted stuff I shall use Apple's iWork, mostly Pages which will get me away from Eve
  13. I guess I can only hope that all my sites do have a recovery process - I can just imagine how convoluted some might be - and that Evernote are quick to fix it. I wonder, as they did not announce it was broken if they will bother to say it is fixed. I had thought that maybe I could rescue them from my iPad or Android phone, but though both allow me to Select all in the encrypted note there is oddly no copy option. The file is too long to copy in sections [which seem to be allowed]. I thought I could share/export the note, but all I get if I email it is a link to the encrypted note. Wo
  14. A timely warning about not using Evernote for p/ws. I had recently started my migration to 1Password having eventually overcome my fear of having a system over which I have little control storing potentially uncrackable p/ws that I don't even know. The failure of Evernote's encryption in sdomewas magnifies my fear, but as it is Mac only i can at least find my hints [never the actual p/ws in Evernote on another paltform, cumbersome as that may be. But what if AgileBits had a problem like Evernote, one would be truly stuffed! I've used Evernote for several years without an encryption p
  15. Yup, it's all there in Discussions, but why would you look unless you had a problem, or are a really experienced user who gives advice? Evernote have all our email addresses, indeed this evening I had some stuff about Lisbon from them which was of no interest, but they can't be bothered to warn users off an upgrade until they get it sorted. Colin
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