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  1. As far as I know nothing has changed. It is one of many issues [the typography really bugs me] which seem below their radar. I also got fed up with documents not being available offline [the reason I paid to be a Plus subscriber]. As a Mac user with an iPad I have decided just to use Apple's Pages for rich text [and enjoy the advantage of handoff], and the simple notes will join others already in Google's Keep. Ii suspect that will eventually cover all my needs, mostly better than Evernote and I can delete it. i'm sure there are many things that Evernote does better than Pages or Keep, but if I need them I've not discovered them! Sorry not to be any help, Colin
  2. Sadly I am only a 'Plus' user, so not entitled to the support that even the average freeware developer gives! Cheers, Colin
  3. Increasingly OT, but for a paid for app the development is incredibly patchy. I have freeware on Mac and iOS for which I can get instant support, but there is no evidence that anyone from Evernote actually reads this forum. These days it is easier to get an answer from Apple, and that's saying something. I do rather miss my corporate days when I had a permanent contact at Apple UK for any niggle.
  4. Thanks for that. I guess that with all the other foibles in Evernote* I'll just have to take it 'as is'. It is just too troublesome to find a way to make a synced encrypted notebook local every time I open it or make a change. I'll just assume that once it is re-encrypted the un-encrypted version is permanently deleted from wherever. Incidentally, I I'm sure that I had encrypted notes before I upgraded to Plus. Cheers, Colin *I've been using computers for more than 30 years and I've never had an app that was as once as useful as Evernote and has so many blinding faults. Its typographic inconsistency [expecially cross-platform] is mad, it would not matter if it did not offer all the choices on a desktop, only to have them trashed if you open a not in iOS or Android. Also I paid for Plus to have offline access to notes, only to get [an incorrect] error saying I could not open a Note as I'd not opened it before. But above all it is the inconsistency of features cross-platform which is greater than any other app I know.
  5. Ah, but I've always created my notebooks by cmd-n, but they seem to sync [except when they don't and I get a conflicted copy] despite my never having used cmd-N. Surely the whole point of Evernote is the sync? Certainly that is what I want it for, especially my p/w hints until I switch to 1Password. Cheers, Colin
  6. Thanks DTLow: I fear you have lost me: I'm not sure what you mean about a synced folder, is it any different in iOS to OSX? I use the encrypted not to store a reminder of my passwords, so as you seem to be saying that there is not way to edit the note in iOS I'll just have to try and remember the password I've used for a new site if I'm away from home... Cheers, Colin
  7. Sorry for the delay, but for the sake of clarification is anyone else having a problem with editing encrypted text in iOS? I can't touch it at all in iOS. In Android if I click on the pencil icon it make an insertion point just before the dots that cover the p/w having closed the decrypted text. So, if I want to edit my encrypted text I can only do it on my Mac. My Mac editing is fine, apart from the staggering number of basic glitches in even paid-for Evernote: it seems to me packed with more and more features, but no attempt made to address really basic data entry issues that have been solved in countless free apps on all platforms years ago ...
  8. Thanks both. I think it is a bit unfair to blame iOS rather then Evernote! Gazumped, are you saying you can edit encrypted text in the iOS version? If so any suggestions as to why I can't, or what I might be doing wrong? FWIIW I sometimes also have difficulty making an insertion point in normal Evernote text in iOS. Cheers, Colin
  9. Is it just me, or is it really impossible to edit encrypted iOS text [also I think in android. I can select/copy/etc, but not edit. Cheers, Colin
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