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  1. Thank you for not only suggesting to not "indulge in vain hopes" but for a fresh workaround also!
  2. That's because search ignores ++ and you have no any notes with word "C" except notes with word "C++" which for search engine is equal to "C", because it ignores ++ Current version of Evernote really underestimates power of non-character-signs (by ignoring them in search). They are very useful.
  3. Another example of using signs in search: I'm setting title "++" for new small notes which complements some older big note. - It is fastest way to mark that note should be integrated in some big one (faster then adding Tag or selecting specific Notebook) - it's unique keyword, it has only 2 chars. But then I can't find notes with "++" because search don't search non-character-signs There really should be way for searching with non-character-signs.
  4. Hello heather, 1. Do know of any more common resource names? 2. Do know of any other search tips like that? The search grammar document does not list the ones you just gave and I'm trying to corral as many of them as possible for a new search utility I'm working on. Also, if you know of any other commonly used contentClass or sourceApplication values other than the usual food, skitch, ink, etc. that are found in the search grammar document, please let me know. In fact, any search query tips you have that are not in the main search document are greatly appreciated. The document I am referring to is here: http://dev.evernote....rch_grammar.php I never even saw the filename: search query modifier before your post and that's a great one! Thanks, Robert @coreypud, If you have a list of these filename sets like the one above for Excel, please post them or send them to me. I need them for BitQwik. If anybody else has information like that given by coreypud please post it here. -- roschler Evernote uses MIME type in "resource:" query. So you can get MIME type of any file for example at http://mime.ritey.com/ For example, I needed to find all "*.xlogic" files. I uploaded one xlogic file there and got mimetype: Actually it's odd that evernote has no feature of search by file extension Because: User can't guess that "*.xlogic" file matches "resource:application/octet-stream" Files with different extension may have same resource type. For example "resource:application/octet-stream" matches .xlogic as well as .psd and .rar
  5. Logic says there should be way to search exact string/pattern including punctuation. Thanks for suggestion, this will be my "plan B" for case if I don't find way to search with brackets. I don't like underscores visually Inline tags are very useful.
  6. I'm using sort of inline tags in text of notes. If I want to "tag" some part of text i am writting "[my tag]" in text. Then I can find all notes and lines which are tagged with "[my tag]" - it's cool and useful! But I have a problem. When I search "[my tag]", search also matches notes with "my tag" (without brackets). For example, search for "[funny]" will match note with "As my grandfather used to say, - I'm your grandfather. [funny]", as well as note with "He said it was funny, but it wasn't." I tried hard - basic search - funny //74 results - basic search - [funny] //74 results - search with quotes - "[funny]" // 73 results, but yet wrong matches there (check big screenshot) - search - "\[смешно\]" // 73 results I've readen http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/cloud/chapters/search_grammar.php http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/cloud/chapters/searching_notes.php Please help. How to search "[word]" with brackets?
  7. Yes, this is essential feature. If evernote has conflict detection, and can't handle some conflicts, it must have conflict-resolution tool - interface for manual solving of conflicts.
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