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  1. Salesforce allows integration with email. A user could add their personal email such that logging into their work account they can see personal email. Admin can't see but can also remove ability for users to do that. Company folds...fine. User still has their email just not by logging into work Salesforce account.
  2. Of course they can be separate accounts. We are referring to the mechanism for switching between them. It's very bad now and could be much easier. EN is not only company that offers biz and personal accounts. Company goes belly up isn't relevant, person would still own and access personal account. They just wouldn't be able to get to it through their login to biz account. We are basically talking about SSO access to the accounts.
  3. Yeah Evernote needs to change this. His suggestion works and puts onus on business account holder. I own a small business so have both accounts and it SUCKS when Evernote shuts down and makes me re login to change this. Used to be a quick click.
  4. I'm in the same boat as a few others as the owner of a small corporation who has had Business and Personal and now has to deal with switching. Let me add though that one reason even a small business such as ours has EN Business vs Personal are the integrations. Services such as Salesforce, maybe Zapier, etc. do not integrate with EN Personal which is why I got Business to begin with. But as @PinkElephant said the business owns these notes so I obviously don't want to keep personal bills etc. in Business hence I have both for now. It does seem that they could give the Admin the option to at least make some part of it easier for those that have both and still satisfy the EU and other privacy requirements.
  5. I thought stuff like this was resolved and that there was parity between mobile, web and desktop...nope. It's very frustrating since we don't archive all of these differences so we know where to go for what and when. Stop new stuff and make parity, or close but esp with major features like this, among the 3 platforms.
  6. Although I knew this was an issue, I shared a note with a partner company on a project we are doing. Thought would make sense to use Evernote for this. Well bottom line is that was a BIG MISTAKE! Why... He put his comments in my bulleted list underneath. I tried to respond with different formatting or bullets and WHAT A MESS! After telling myself over and over that I could just do something that would work I gave up and did a copy and paste into Word. (Of course Word then said WTF and the doc still is more of a mess than it should be for a 1 pager with 13 bullets.) I just tweeted that I wanted to change my rating for Evernote bullets on survey I just got. I asked if they could extend the scale to my LEFT of the 0 so I could provide the appropriate response. I'll keep paying for Evernote and do like lots of stuff on it but this one I'll not use again for a bit. I'll do in Word and save that to Evernote vs trying a bulleted list in Evernote again until I'm sure it's MUCH better.
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