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  1. I recently found the ctrl+shift+v shortcut and I am not running AdBlock, but will soon be. Thanks MrYdobon for discovering and reporting the AdBlock problem. That would have been frustrating had I been using Evernote on the web with AdBlock running and not knowing that it was going to cause me some trouble. Fortunately, the shortcut also works in the desktop Evernote.
  2. It would be great to be able to mark a comment in a forum topic as the solution to the topic's problem, or be able to "bump up" the comment to the top if it provides what everyone is looking for. It takes a lot of time to read through pages of comments only to find the answer after 15 minutes of reading. Bump up the solution so people can see it quickly and move on with their day. We need the ability to mark a topic as solved. PLEASE!
  3. This sucks, but my simple work-around is to paste any text into the search field in my browser, re-copy it and then paste it. It washes everything away, including line breaks - but, oh well. I'd rather put in a few returns to make paragraphs than have to accept ugly formatting.
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