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  1. Yeah, my biggest gripe right now with Evernote is the fact that they treat platforms very differently. For example, in the Windows client (I'm running through WINE), the reminders have yet to appear so my only option is to use the Android client (buggy beta) or Web app to manage them. Kind of stupid IMHO. I suggested elsewhere that Evernote should start focusing more on building the offline web application. However, as there's still a lot of missing functionality, I'll bet it'll be a long time before we see it. With regards to the audio notes in Firefox, install VLC and the VLC broswer p
  2. Getting back on topic.... So the curent evernote client options for Linux are: Everpad - It's OK if you have a few notes I guess but as already mentioned, this just dumps all of your notes into one big mess. No stacking, no filtering by notebooks. On the positive side, there's a unity Lens for Ubuntu users. Nixnote (formerly Nevernote) - Of the 2 native clients, this is the best choice. It's pretty much has all the featues and even allows you to edit the HTML. However, my experience is that this thing is VERY slow. Also, the GUI is simply ugly. If there are any UX designers out there u
  3. Point 1 - the topic of this thread is "Is there an Evernote for Linux'. NOT "Is there an official version of Evernote for Linux". The answer to this is YES. Point 2 - the last few points were useful to people looking into using evernote in Linux as they discuss what's available (including pros and cons). Stop lurking around and bugging people. This is the second thread I've seen you being rude for no reason. It's great that you answer questions about things you know about Evernote for Mac and Windows but please don't answer when you can't provide something contrstructive or useful. This
  4. Just to be clear, Linux users have already made their desires known to Evernote; the lengthy (and aging) topic here being one bit of evidence.Additionally, "as a group of [open source] computer users", if you don't like the existing third party apps, please feel free to create another one, using EN's API. Just for your info, not all Linux users are developers. There are many people who use Linux for a multitude of reasons. Quit making assumptions. My post orginally was to just say that they can use WINE to run Evernote (it works pretty well). I was trying to help other users unlike yourself
  5. I've been using the Windows client on Ubuntu using Crossover (a commercial version of WINE) for the past few years. With the exception of a few hiccups (occasional crashes on start) it's been working very well for me. Not sure what all the fuss here is about For me, NixNote (aka Nevernote) has some serious performance issues. I've tried using it many times but just revert back to running the windows client (which is more stable).
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