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  1. View -> Show related Notes. Aha... that worked. Thanks a million.
  2. Due I deinstalled already the new version, I can't say for sure. But I think I disabled this feature (somehow) by closing the related notes panel. After that it kept closed. Maybe this works for you. Nope. I still see related notes. For example. Folder A contains notes for Customer A. Folder B for Customer B. If I'm in Folder A I can see notes from the Folder B. I think you can see where I'm going with this. Overall, I like the 'look' of V5. However, the side bar is now more confusing. The multiple search fields are confusing. I'll likely revert later today.
  3. For the love of God, please remove the 'related notes' feature or allow me to turn it off. I use EN for both wok and personal. I was showing a colleague one of the work notes (on the proector) when it showed snippets of personal notes. Totally not acceptable. There are numerous reasons why someone would not want to have this functionality.
  4. Reiterating Metrodon's suggestion, I would contact support for official responses regarding data requests or any related concerns. As lame as it is, I'll have to quote myself: ...with regards to my statement about not having search for offline notebooks - let me correct myself, the actual note text can be searched. However, documents cannot be searched. I have a lot of document attachements. This is what is important to me.
  5. oof... where to begin? To answer the last question about what I would expect from Evernote... I think you nailed it with the spideroak statement. I'm looking for the same thing. Basically it gives the user the impression (it may in fact NOT be reality) that they (the provider - EN in this case) care enough about data privacy and user rights to quickly assure their userbase. EN hasn't. It's remained silent. I should not have to create a support request for them to make this statement. It should come natrual to them... obviously it doesn't. The issue with Local notebooks is that they cannot be search (at least I have tried and failed). I still need search. With regards to their privacy statement... their privacy statement cleary states that they have access to your data and can use this data for an investigation (see section II). They do say that a user can encrypt the text but as far as I understand this is only secuirty theatrics as the enryption used is rather weak. In the end, I think the only thing that's really going to make me comfortable with my data on EN servers is full encyption. till next time.... P.S. Sorry for scooping you up into my last post - my comment about the 2step authentication was not intended for you. I just clicked "quote" like the lazy bloke I am.
  6. Hi. Evernote has two-factor authentication. It would be nice if Evernote had an encrypted notebook, but at this time they don't, so I'd recommend keeping sensitive data in a local notebook for the time being. Data encryption on disk is really the only option I know of. My understanding (it may be wrong) is is that the issue is how would EN be able to index your notes for searching. My question, if this is true, couldn't this be done locally (the indexing) on the user machine without the keys ever being transmitted back to EN? The EN webclient would need to be developed to include offline access. It would basically have to have the same functionality of the current desktop clients. Two-step authetication is awesome, but this is about the key to the door... not the contents of the house. EN still have access to my data, unencrypted. The point of my thread was to get some kind of assurance from EN that they understand the importance of our privacy and that they would be tranparent with regards to data requests. Unfortuantely, I suppose because this is a touchy subject, they remain silent. EN, as a cloud service provider, really need to assure it's users that their data really is private and safe. All cloud services should be doing this from this point on.
  7. I was just reading through the thread about Evernote building a datacenter in China and it got me thinking about the current news about the NSA PRISM program. I would like to understand the position of Evernote with regards to FISA requests. I'm an American citizen living abroad (for the past 12 years) so these developments concern me. If Evernote is receiving FISA requests, will the Evernote community be informed? Would you publish some type of transparency report? I would appreciate an official response on Evernotes position on the subject of data privacy. And yes, I have read your privacy which is very general (like most cloud providers). It would be nice to have clarification on your position in light of these developments. The fact that EN doesn't provide HTTPS to non-paying customers (however I believe this applies to desktop users) is simply stupid (I am a paying user FWIW). The whole discussion about the Chinese data center bugs me because no one mentioned to users that unless they are paying, their communication could be intercepted. It says to me that EN doesn't care too much (or don't understand) about data security. With all due respect to EN evangelists, please, I would prefer an official statement and not your opinion (esp., using the argument that if I am doing nothing wrong then I should not be worried).
  8. Agreed - but this is a workaround. The better solution would be to have an option "prefer local copy"... much like browsers can do. My typical use case where this is annoying is when traveling, I often have to look up the hotel details for the taxi driver, sometimes it take minutes for the darn thing to load. So to answer the OP, yeah, I have this issue as well. Until now I wasn't aware that turning of the data would fix it. Thanks for the tip
  9. OK....so a lot of people (esp., the Evangelists) have been offended by boatguy. Though I agree that he was being a bit rude in singling out the Evangelists, who for the most part are quite helpful (except one, who never seems to help but only attacks people - constantly), he is right that you guys do tend to pounce on anyone who says anything remotely negative at all about EN. If you don't like what he says then ignore him. If the thread is as useless as you believe it is, then it will go away and be buried deep in the belly of the forum. Personally, I think this is great topic. As *it is* obvious that the EN staff do, from time to time, visit the forum, it's completely legit to express frustration with the way the development of EN is going in the hopes that the EN staff will take notice and perhaps make some changes - not immediate, but long term maybe. I also completely agree with boatguys statement: " Note to EN: Allowing 10 groups to develop 10 products and then trying to market them as one is inhibiting your revenue growth." One of the reasons for his statement is that he's working with groups of people through EN (premium users) who, it appears are working on different platforms. With each platform, there's different functionality This seems to have caused some issues for him and as a result, so he's not able to widen that group of people - that would require research (and likely workaround development) which he doesn't have time to do. Hence his references to the law of conservation of complexity (btw, thanks so much for pointing out this law to me, it'll be VERY handy in my line of work). The one thing boatguy doesn't do however, is provide suggestions on how to clean up this mess. At least, I didn't catch that one, apologies if I am wrong. But then, why should he? That's the job of the EN product team right? In my opinion, I think that EN should start aligning the web client to the desktop clients. For example, why not use the chromium (not chrome) for the basis of a native desktop ( web based) application? Something like this is being done by Reditr right now. Then there's the packaged apps being offered by Google (works in Chrome and Chromium).
  10. Personally, I don't think the reminders are intended to act as a to-do list. Instead, I look at it more like in GTD where I use it as a tickler. I spent the last week trying to use it as a to-do list until I finally gave up (last night). Now I'm back to using Wunderlist to track tasks (I can output the task lists to EN quite nicely) and EN to track the overall project. I wish these two services were combined
  11. separately as far as I can tell. Never the two shall meet. I wish they would introduce a premium feature to allow profiles within a single account (work and personal for example).
  12. Absolute nonsense. I don't know where you've spent your 40 years in IT, but here is an example of professional product marketing for a similar product: Lotus/IBM Notes Oh man.. I like you a lot
  13. Very nice thread. I've been thinking a lot on this topic recently for two reasons: the release of reminders - why the hell release it only for some platforms? As a paid user and a Linux user I would like to see true and *consistent*cross platform application.I think Evernote should stop playing favoritism on platforms. The OS is not so relevant anymore. I do understand the business side of it - bottom line, Mac users are paying for the premium version more than Windows users. But creating an inconsistent experience is not helping the business model. I am a more technical user so forcing some of complexity of the application on me doesn't bug me too much. For example, when they allowed searching through my documents I was elated... but in order to search effectively I had to learn which mime type I wanted to search through. I just asked for help on the forums and I got it but it still required some leg work. Most people though are not like me. I want Evernote to survive because I rely on it in my professional life. So I definitely think they should start shielding user from the complexity - while of course allowing the technical types to get knee deep in it.
  14. Yeah, my biggest gripe right now with Evernote is the fact that they treat platforms very differently. For example, in the Windows client (I'm running through WINE), the reminders have yet to appear so my only option is to use the Android client (buggy beta) or Web app to manage them. Kind of stupid IMHO. I suggested elsewhere that Evernote should start focusing more on building the offline web application. However, as there's still a lot of missing functionality, I'll bet it'll be a long time before we see it. With regards to the audio notes in Firefox, install VLC and the VLC broswer plugin. It MIGHT work for you. The issue is with Android though as they record in AMR. If Android used a different codec it would be better supported in the browser. As a workaround, I've started using a separate application to record audio (in WAV) which, when I am done recording, I share with evernote. For what it's worth, I'm a paying customer despite not having my platform (Ubuntu Linux) supported.
  15. Any ETA for reminders in the Windows client?
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