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  1. I love how they ignore us. Who gives a **** about basic decency, eh?
  2. I know that is a workaround, but it's not the idea solution. To change notes you have to close the tab in the merged window, swap back to the Evernote main window (which is closed or minimised because of alt-tabbing), open another note, close/minimise and change to new opened note, and re-merge. Now do that several times. Imagine if you had to do that with Chrome... We'd all still be using Internet Explorer!
  3. Almost two years and no update? Kinda a shame. Tabs are useless if they don't tell you what the tab actually is. Imagine if web browsers were so badly designed...
  4. 글을 쓰다가 줄이 바뀔 때 쓰던 단어가 끊겨서 다음 줄에 연이어져서 써지는데, 그렇게 되지 않고 같은 줄 내에서 단어가 온전히 들어있게 해주실 수 있나요? 줄 끝부분의 단어가 완성되지 않으면 아예 다음줄로 내려가서 한 눈에 그 단어를 볼 수 있게요... 감사합니다.
  5. I just wanted to add my support for killing this stupid, pointless, time-wasting, energy-wasting, environment-killing feature
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