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  1. Can I get my API Key approved for production please! 

  2. This post on the tech blog could be useful (I hope) : http://blog.evernote...ognition-works/ + You can get the recognition data through the API (http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/reference/Types.html#Struct_Resource) but it's a little bit more work...
  3. Hmm, I was pretty sure you answered a few days ago... Did you delete your answer ?
  4. Hi Tiago, here are a few things that might help you : - This post could be of some interest : http://digitalminimalism.com/2011/evernote-contact-manager/ - This site helps you create custom templates for your notes : https://kustomnote.com/ - If none of the above fits your needs, it shouldn't be too difficult to create an app that integrates with Evernote. Laurent
  5. I can't seem to use your app right now. I logged in, authorized your app to access my sandbox account and then I get a 'error main.js :: checkEvernoteSyncState()' error dialog. Laurent
  6. OK, currently testing your app (well it's syncing right now). In the meantime, here are the filters I had in mind for my own app : - location : if the note has been created at home or while traveling, do something - creation/modification date : if a note is created/modified after midnight, give it chocolate - url - attachment (and type of attachment) - size - notebook : if the note is created in a specific notebook, apply a specific tag - notebook is in stack (cf. above example) - author - shared : if the note is shared, do something Actions : - change the title - change the body - set location - add url - add attachment - remove attachment - share - send by email - tweet ? facebook ? Laurent
  7. Hi Nodrog, I would definitely appreciate to be able to take a look at your app (even in a very early stage). I was developing the exact same app before realizing I would not have the time and energy to go further. +1 for reminders I'll give you more feedback after a good night's sleep Laurent
  8. Thank you very much for sharing ! I'll give it a try Laurent
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