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  1. Can I get my API Key approved for production please! 

  2. List notes shared individually via work chat?

    No, this is not possible. Sorry. Laurent
  3. Hi, this error code means 'Permission denied'. It is most likely that you're trying to access a resources that requires an additional authentication. For example, your code tries to access a business note and uses the original token and not one retrieved with the authenticateToBusiness method. What call gives you this error ? It could also be an expired token. Laurent
  4. Hi, your post looks like spam. I strongly advise you to stop posting such off-topic posts. I've edited your post to remove the link as I suspect you're trying to "promote" your own website. Thank you Laurent
  5. What exactly is the "UserStore"?

    Salut Jean-Luc, the Evernote API is built on Apache Thrift which means that, unlike most of other APIs, you can't just call a url and get the result of your call in json or xml. If you want to know why : With the Evernote API, you HAVE TO use a thrift client. Basically thrift allows you to only have to write a IDL file and then the thrift binary generates the server and the client in the language of your choice. But, as you can guess, vala is not supported... So you're doomed... The only solution I can see would be to develop a "bridge" in a supported language or maybe add support for vala to thrift by yourself... Last option : try to contact the Evernote team. They might have a better idea, who knows ? As for the UserStore (which should be the last of your problem at the moment), it's just an "endpoint" for all user-related methods. See Hope that helps. Laurent
  6. So the issue is with the linkedNotebook username and shardId. Those should be the ones of the business user and business store respectively. Here how you can do this : $token = '%oauth_token%';$advancedClient = new \Evernote\AdvancedClient($token, true);// authenticate to the business store and keep the auth result in a variable. We'll need it later.$businessAuth = $advancedClient->getUserStore()->authenticateToBusiness($token);$BusinessNoteStore = $advancedClient->getNoteStore($businessAuth->noteStoreUrl, $businessAuth->authenticationToken);// Create the notebook$bizNotebook = new \EDAM\Types\Notebook();$bizNotebook->name = 'My new business notebook ' . rand(0, 1000);$bizNotebook = $BusinessNoteStore->createNotebook($businessAuth->authenticationToken, $bizNotebook);$sharedBizNotebook = $bizNotebook->sharedNotebooks[0];// create the linked notebook$linkedBizNotebook = new \EDAM\Types\LinkedNotebook();$linkedBizNotebook->shareKey = $sharedBizNotebook->shareKey;$linkedBizNotebook->shareName = $bizNotebook->name;$linkedBizNotebook->username = $businessAuth->user->username;$linkedBizNotebook->shardId = $businessAuth->user->shardId;$advancedClient->getNoteStore()->createLinkedNotebook($token, $linkedBizNotebook);This code works for me. Let me know if you have another issue. Laurent
  7. No. If your api key has full access it should work. Are you sure you're not trying to call the api on the prod env with a sandbox token ? Laurent
  8. evernote-cloud-sfk-php oauth sample issue

    No problem. At least the callback url is fixed
  9. evernote-cloud-sfk-php oauth sample issue

    Oh. The callback url needs to be the same as the url of the script... $callback = ''; needs to be $callback = ''; It might be clearer in the docs I guess... Laurent
  10. License for evernote-cloud-sdk library

    Well, most (if not all) Evernote open-source projects use the Apache 2.0 license. But I'll ask the team to add the license in the repo. Laurent
  11. evernote-cloud-sfk-php oauth sample issue

    Mmmh weird... Let me know if the curl hack works. Otherwise I'll try to help you. Laurent
  12. OK, I think there's an issue with the logic of your code. I'll come back to you today or tomorrow. Laurent
  13. Evernote API key - invalid username

    Hi Bernard, I guess it's a validation issue. Did you try on another browser ? It works just fine for me on chrome (mac os) Laurent
  14. Hi, for a reason or another, your token is not authorised to perform this action. I'd suggest to check this page : If you have full access, how do you get your token ? Is it a oauth one or a developer one ? Laurent
  15. Hi Darco, you can get the explanation for all error codes here : Error 12 : Wait a few minutes to see if the shard comes back. If not, we'll try to see what can go wrong. Laurent PS : BTW, you should try to call createLinkedNotebook() without the token. The advanced client takes care of it.