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  1. @Kencel. SridharO I never used Evernote or any software for GTD so I can't help you there. I use paper for GTD. Tried everything and paper is just fast and bulletproof. I carry around a 3 ring binder and getting projects and next action items in and out of there is way faster than any piece of software. I personally find software gets in the way for GTD purposes. A four drawer filing cabinet for me is the fastest filing tool. But in an effort to go paperless back in the day there was paperport 10, slow and clumsy and then along came evernote and it was Wow. Not as fast as my filing cabinet but nice UI and very effective file management for projects and also apps for most devices. So my use of EV was strictly as a pdf intensive filing cabinet and project manager of sorts with the web clipper, the tagging and the OCR. Then it got slower and slower. I looked at G-drive again and played around, no tagging, no OCR, nothing close to the note format in EV that allows you to put pdf's , MS docs, images, audio into one file just like a regular file in my drawer. Can't do that in G Drive or any other filing system really except for onenote. You have to create another nested folder to achieve the same thing. Yet you need to keep your nested folders only so deep otherwise you can never find anything without search. EV only lets you go so deep - Stack - Notebook - Note - scroll for Individual items. This is a very effective filing system. So if you want to organize drive in the same way you have to go Main Folder (Stack) Folder (Notebook) sub-folder (Note) sub-sub folder (individual item) and stop there. If you can do away with sub-sub folder, even better, so everything is just 3 layers deep. You also have to name everything properly from sub-sub all the way to main folder which is a pain but once you have a naming convention that suits your work flow ie (date-name-version) it gets easier. Didnt have to do this in EV since notebooks got sorted in alphabetical or whatever order you wanted to view in and the UI made everything easy to find at a glance. You have to work at G-drive to achieve this but Drive's new UI makes this easier since images, doc files, pdf's etc get rendered as big thumbnails in grid format. You also have to work at the search function. there are a few tutorials on using the search function to its full effect and once you get the hang of it you'll find that search box your best friend as you begin to use it more and more and find stuff fast. Problem is you cannot restrict a search to a single stack or notebook like in EV which when combined with OCR and tagging made it the best search function for a cloud/client filing system ever. That is, till the client app became slow beyond belief. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Tired of EV slowness and have since migrated much of my stuff away from evernote to G Drive. Productivity software should make you more productive. I have been able to replicate my EV workflow in Drive to much better effect. Yes, setting up and organizing a new filing system was a pain but once done the only time lag is waiting for G to run its initial sync on startup and then I'm off and running. Its fast mostly and the search function solves most of my remaining filing issues. When I don't have time to folderize, I just drop it in and I know that I will find it in 3 searches at most. Software is to get work done, not fall in love with. I solved the web clipper problem with screen capture and direct pdf save to drive. There is one more step, but still way faster than EV and I end up with a pdf rather than html that I can drop into an email directly if it needs to get to someone. Yes, Drive is missing the OCR function but there are ways to OCR and have your file in drive in a couple of steps. Mostly I have implemented a new filing notation that minimizes this need and google search is so fast and the rendering of results also fast that I would have already found what i need in Drive while EV is still sputtering away trying to keep up with my keystrokes in the search box. The EV client for PC is pretty much useless now as a productivity tool. The WEB interface is the only bright spot now but I don't prefer it to the client.
  3. OK, That's interesting! know anybody who has successfully done this? Is it as simple as how you say it is? I'm willing to try that if it is. I don't need a discounted price. I don't mind paying for evernote in a three year block and priced as it is right now for a premium account. Of course that's just me.
  4. I did check the link but I wasn't referring to a lifetime membership, century membership or anything that grand and needing that much consideration before implementing. There may be power users that right now desperately want evernote to be their ubiquitous cloud filing cabinet for ever and ever, but I'm not referring to those users. I am thinking way simpler. For the ordinary premium user that wants a way to avoid the headache of this year to year task of monitoring their credit card and their renewal status, a multi year option would be a relatively simple implementation. Have you checked the link to crashplan that I provided ? Nothing too grandiose there. It's like signing up for four years instead of one when getting a domain name at Godaddy. Drop dead simple is all I'm asking.
  5. Crashplan backup service provides a monthly, yearly, two three and four year prepaid packages. Its a pretty highly regarded service in its niche like Evernote is. check it out: https://www.crashplan.com/consumer/store.vtl I'm not sure what you mean by problems with tax and accounting. On evernote's side I'm sure they use accrual accounting so its pretty simple. Whether broken down quarterly, monthly or bi weekly, in evernote's internal accounting system, whenever that portion of the service has been deemed as "provided" then only that respective fraction of the total billed amount to the customer is reported as "earned" for that period and subsequently booked as revenue. The rest of the funds initially paid over by the customer simply remains under customer's deposit on the liability side of evernote's accounting until the total customer deposit amount has flowed to the revenue side of the balance sheet as revenue is booked after each accounting period This deposit can be carried forward over a number of years. Just like a loan, it gets classified as a long term liability until it goes to zero when the customer deposit runs out. I hardly think it takes tens of thousands of dollars to change something so simple on the billing side of the software. You make it sound as though evernote would be creating a brand new app.
  6. How about a multi year subscription with a discounted lump sum payment up front for 2,3,4 & 5 years? This may have been discussed but I'm having problems with the google site search for the forum at present. I figure since evernote is now quite established I'm sure there are premium & business account holders that would not want to be bothered with annual payment reminders or be jumping hoops when they forget their renewal date or forget to update their credit card etc.
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