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  1. My app seems to be working today - all of a sudden!!! I STILL have notes that if I click on them (because there are indents), it freezes the app up and a force quit is required. But I think what I did: - Created several new notes without indentation in the app on my Mac This caused new notes to be on top when the iOS app synced If I clicked on old notes (I identified three that caused constant crashing), it still crashed app. So I copied those notes and created a new note and pasted them in (with indentation formatting intact), then deleted the old notes The "new" notes didn't crash the app! I will post again if all is well in a day or two. If, in the meantime, yours is still not working, I recommend the Notability app. I'm still toying with idea of using it. My faith in Evernote is greatly depleted.
  2. I've been tweeting back and forth with EV support, and they are simply repeating what is being said here... Indentation is an issue, and removing it seems to fix it for some. But almost all my notes use indentation! It's clearly a problem with the last version of the iOS app that hasn't been fixed yet.
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