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  1. This is my basic "fix" for getting Evernote data into Excel. It ain't perfect but it works for simple tables such as a time sheet that I made, having details as date, time started, time stopped, details and total hours (note that Evernote doesn't perform calculations so once the raw data is converted, you will have to use autosum in Excel to tally up whatever you need to calculate.). Here's my rundown: 1. choose from top menu in Evernote, File/Export as Single HTML Web Page; 2. save the file to your preferred location; 3. Doubleclick on the HTML file you saved and copy the file location from address bar at the top of the HTML file that you opened; 4. Now open excel; 4. choose Data from top menu; then on the left side of second from top menu, choose "From Web;" 5. When prompted, paste the file location of the HTML page you saved; Choose Table when Excel offers you the option. Wallah! 6. A "preview" of the file will open. I just choose "close preview and load" and THERE IT IS. 7. You may need to do some basic formatting - colors, etc. Also you will have to add in whatever formulas you need to calculate. For me, it was as simple as using "autosum" since I only need to calculate the hours I spent. Hope this helps.
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