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  1. Ummm.... never mind. It started working again this morning after almost a week of not working. Don't know if there was some type of technical issue or not but now it works. Sorry for the bandwidth.
  2. Hello, I've been a Plus user for many years. I use Windows 10 for desktop If I create a new note on Android phone aby using the camera icon, I can snap a picture of a receipt for example. I thought that if I did that the text in the receipt would be searchable. So if I had a receipt with many items, one of which would be "Oil Filter" for example, I would be able to search for Oil or Filter and find what size filter I bought last time. The receipt may have many items on it so I don't want to put in this info in the title, or add text or have hundreds of tags for every different item I buy on one receipt as that defeats the purpose. It appears some jpegs I entered in the past are searchable and some aren't on either the phone or desktop or web. Not sure why. Also, I am taking more and more handwritten notes using pencil and paper at my job and I would like to scan the pad and have the notes searchable. Any thoughts of what I'm doing wrong? I've written to support multiple times and received a ticket#. They have sent one response (after many days) which I responded to right away but haven't heard from them again. I have also DM'd them in Twitter with no response. They seem to have almost non existent support at this time. My renewal comes up in a few days. If this is a Premium only feature I'd consider upgrading. If it's an iOS feature only then I'll have to move on. Also, this video shows that it should work but it is done with iOS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA-6K_wrmW8 The video shows the choice of saving as a Document. Android app doesn't give that option.Thank you in advance for any ideas
  3. I think I've read about this before but don't know if there is a solution. The Web Clipper dialogue that says: "Like this Page? Save it" and other text with a "Clip it" button keep showing up at various times and I have no idea what makes it open. I've attached a screenshot of it. It randomly shows up. Can be using the browser for a long time looking at many pages and then all of a sudden it will show up. Then it will not show up for a while and then show up again. It is annoying and gets in the way of the page you are reading. I'm using Safari on the Mac. Can it be disabled? I am a Plus user which isn't good enough to contact support evidently so hopefully someone here knows the answer. Thank you Steve WebClipper.tiff
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