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  1. Regarding the original topic of this thread: yes, Evernote and Nebo DEFINITELY need to talk to each other! I have difficulty understanding why a note taking app (Evernote, that I value and pay for) completely avoids developing handwriting functions. To me, it's integral. Another thing I don't understand: Evernote already recognizes handwriting!! If I can upload a picture that includes handwriting, and Evernote makes it searchable, that means... Evernote recognizes it as text, right? So, it's not as if they must embark on a very difficult development journey to "figure out" how to recognize handwriting as text. The app already does it. Isn't it a simple step from there to actually render the handwriting as text, just like Nebo does? I understand everyone wants to avoid feature creep, and wheel reinvention. The obvious solution is: integration. Find another service that already does what you want your app to do, and make them play nicely together.
  2. I'm an Evernote Premium user and I just bought a new Surface Pro. I've used the Windows client for Evernote for ages, and honestly I've always thought that it was a bit awkward to use, in several ways. I tend to use the Android client mostly, and just keep Windows Evernote around for the few functions it has exclusively. When installing Evernote on this new Surface, I got curious about the version listed in the Microsoft Store v. the version downloaded from Evernote.com. l have heard many "guesses" about the difference between them but no one can give me a straight answer. The only thing l know for sure is that the icons are slightly different. ☺ l heard a "rumor" a while back that the Microsoft Store version isn't as good/is limited somehow. ? l actually just asked one of the Evernote "experts" at directly.com. . . she was very friendly and eager but she didn't know for sure what the difference between the two versions is either. She recommended I download from the website, since it's considered "official". l took her advice, and now I'm running into several minor annoyances again, that kept me from using Evernote on Windows before this. I considered reporting each of them in these forums (tedious, but I would do it.) . . . and then l thought... wait, maybe the Microsoft Store version would solve the problems? I have a nagging question in my mind: " Is the Store version perhaps better designed for my Surface?" The obvious thing would be to just try it... but I really don't feel like uninstalling/reinstalling before I just ask. Because who knows, maybe someone can just tell me what's up first. ☺ Really, l just wonder: can someone give Mr. Clueless (me) a clear answer on what the difference is, if any, between the two versions? And is one better for certain devices rather than others? Thanks!
  3. Iiinnnttteeeerrrrreeeeessssttttiiiiinnnngggggg........ The new editor uses an embedded version of Chrome. That explains a lot. I like Chrome. But editing text in it is very frustrating. I've been editing text in Evernote the past few days, and I don't have time, and you don't have attention span, for me to detail all the strange little things it does. Besides the fact that it just lags horribly. Could we maybe get back the editor that isn't related to Chrome? Regardless of features, it had something huge going for it: it worked smoothly. And also, we could access the Clip Tray. I don't remember the last time I needed to superscript or subscript in a note, but that's just me. :-) Could live without that stuff.
  4. Thanks, gazumped... I've already done the uninstall/reinstall thing... I did more than just reboot in between... One on occasion I factory reset before reinstalling. Also, as I mentioned above, these issues occurred on two tablets. I realize that the new editor has been out for some time. When I say "new", I'm talking about a recent update... These issues starting occurring when the editor starting supporting superscript and subscript... And when they said they "improved support for links in notes" in their Play Store What's New box. (Not that those have anything to do with the problems... Just so you have an idea when it started.) And on my tablets at least, the editor just LOOKS different than it used to. Hard to describe. But it was obvious to me that they changed a lot. I would love to report a bug... But unfortunately I can't seem to get Evernote to reply to my support requests. :-( I reported all this close to two weeks ago... No response. Sent a followup message... No response. My last support request also from months ago also went unacknowledged. I'm a Premium user, have been for years. I prefer to pay for products I rely on, not because I need the features, but because I want to be able to get help when I need it. Evernote promises quick support for Premium subscribers, but I've never experienced it, unfortunately. I'm sticking with them no matter what. The product is too valuable to me even when it's buggy. OneNote just won't cut it. But I would like to hear back from them... Sigh...
  5. Hopefully it's not too late for me to chime in. I'm a daily Evernote user... Premium subscriber... And now have Evernote 7.9.2 running on my new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. I just replaced my old LG G Pad 8.3, on which I created thousands of notes during the 1.5 years I used it. I CONSTANTLY used the feature mentioned above (LG products call it the Clip Tray... Samsung just calls it Clipboard). Whenever you're in any text editor, you can long press anywhere you want to paste, and you see two options by your finger: Paste, and Clip Tray. Paste just pastes whatever you last copied. Clip Tray opens a view of the last 20 things you've copied, and you can pick the one(s) you want to paste. Very very very useful. This Clip Tray/Clipboard worked in basically every app that had text editing/insertion of any kind. The only place I discovered the Clip Tray would not appear was when trying to edit my website in Chrome on the tablet... It was a WYSIWYG editor and only the Paste option would show up on a long press. Also, the whole thing was WONKY. When updating the website, the cursor would randomly jump to another place while entering text... If I tried to delete a word, the cursor would move and start deleting somewhere else, or DUPLICATE??? the very word I was trying to delete. Paragraphs change their spacing constantly. I skip one between paragraphs, like most people... But after saving the note, each paragraph had two lines between. I share all that for a reason... Near as I can tell, last Evernote update changed lots on tablets, but not on phones. I have to say I have great difficulty with the new tablet text editor and desperately want the old one back. For me, the new Evernote text editor is now EXACTLY THE SAME as the weird one I had to use in Chrome. Precisely same symptoms: randomly jumping cursor, large gaps between paragraphs (sometimes 4 lines), and... No more Clip Tray. I first experienced this after updating Evernote on my old LG tablet. Thought maybe it was a glitchy install, so uninstalled and reinstalled. No change. Ending up needing to factory reset that device, so reinstalled Evernote AGAIN, and still same problem. This week, I replaced the device with my current Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, brand spanking new. Same experience. What's strange is nothing has changed on my phone, even though all devices have always updated Evernote immediately and consistently. Both phone and tablet have Evernote 7.9.2. The text editor on the phone is just like it always was... And if I want to use the Clip Tray, I use the phone now. For the tablet I discovered that I could download a third party clip tray app, accessible from Notifications. It works for now. HERE'S THE CRAZY PART: If you've noticed the disappearance of the clip tray/clipboard also, try this: Long press in the TITLE of your note. Did your see the option come back? I did. Weird. But, I need it in the body of the note, and that's where it disappears. Evernote, I love your product, but I gotta say, I don't think your new text editor is an improvement. :-( I really really want the old one back.
  6. I also really need recurring reminders. I was going to ask for the ability to set reminders on the Windows interface, but I see that that feature will be released soon. Thanks:-) Also, one minor irritant with the reminders is that if I have several of them waiting for my attention in my notification shade (Android - Jellybean), and I must turn the phone off and then on again, the reminders do not reappear there. The other reminder app I was using before always made sure that if I rebooted the phone while there were still reminders unaddressed, that they would ding at me again and patiently wait their turn in the notifications as soon as the phone turned back on. As it is now with Evernote, if I must reboot, those reminders have the potential to be forgotten and buried. But overall... THANK THANKS THANKS for a wonderful product! Evernote makes my life so much more productive.
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