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  1. Hi all, especially our friends at Evernote. I recently read Ian Small's Priorities for 2019 on the Blog. This got me thinking, so I wanted to add my own priorities for this wonderful product. This submission is an extension of what I included in the Evernote community on Facebook. I have been using Evernote a long time. I am a writer and editor. My memory tells me 2010 (but I may be wrong). I primarily use Evernote to create a first-draft for writing projects I undertake. My notes start as an idea, perhaps a few disjointed thoughts about a particular subject. Stored under an "Article Notes" notebook. At times I have been known to gather research materials (especially when I am about to go travelling). These are placed under a "Research" notebook. I use tags to stop material from being lost, yet I still manage to lose things. I am less focused on new features than the ones that get my job done. For example, I do not use reminders, because I have other tools to assist me with that. My wishes for Evernote include: 1) An ability to set headings (e.g. H2, H3, H4, etc.) With the header for the note being the H1 type heading. 2) An ability to work with Grammarly (and other tools) so that I can make corrections on the fly. This comment relates to the Windows App, not to the on-line product (which I rarely use). 3) The ability to export a document to .doc or .docx (perhaps also to email). 4) Please fix the "Word and Resource counts" function for Windows. Currently, I have to use the option twice to obtain the right information. Until about 1 year ago there was NEVER a problem with getting counts. Currently the first time results are either zeros or the old state. 5) Import word, or other textual documents. I know it is possible to import PDF, but I need to access MS Word documents commonly.
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