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  1. I'm testing with Chrome & Firefox on OS X 10.9.5. What i wanted to do was give someone a URL to a single note using the "Copy share URL" function as well as giving them the passphrase for the encryption used on that page. I understood that the web client and web interface didn't allow encrypting, but i have seen reports that web decryption is supported. In my test, i access the shared URL via a browser (Firefox & Chrome) and I am not logged on to the web client. When i hover my mouse over recently encrypted text, the hint shows up as a tool tip. I made sure that popups were allowed for www.evernote.com, but I find no way to prompt for decryption. Given the web beta, I have checked what happens via the client. In the client I am seeing the same behavior of the tooltip showing the hint on recently encrypted text but no means by which i can decrypt. Suggestions? Thanks, judith
  2. Freemind may not be as glossy as all the commercial tools, but once you make a mind map, you can attach the file to a note and then edit it from the note. As an opensource tool, it often acts as an exchange format. Thus, you may find your glossy presentation styler can import freemind format mindmaps.
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