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  1. I think the elephant in the room is more than just the editor, but the overall experience using Evernote as a Windows user. Evernote looks beautiful on Mac and iOS, but looks like ***** on any Windows laptop made since most laptops in current use were bought. It's just not a good experience, and so I have used it much less than certain other cross-platform note-taking tools. As a premium user since of over five years, and as a user who's been signed up for beta for some time, I'd really like to see some progress toward a better UX for Windows users. That's what I don't see happening in the bet
  2. This feature is rolled out, and you can access it in the "File Format" option under the settings menu.
  3. Another vote for single page PDFs, with an option to choose between a document and a picture (similar to how I can slide between a document, a post-it, a photo, etc within Evernote). If I have to use Scannable, odds are that it will almost always be for a spreadsheet or something that I need to get into somebody's hands, as a PDF, about fifteen seconds ago.
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