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  1. What am I missing here? I have been a Premium user for 12 years, never an issue. Now EN deploys v10, and we are using our spare time to fix their issue? What gives? They messed up, they fix it. I have a vanilla 2019 MacBook Air on the latest OS 11.0.0, 1 (everything current), and we are in forums moaning. Where is EN? How can they not know about this? I am very quickly losing faith in technology, have always been the last to update SW as I don't want to be a bleeding edge user (phun intended) and SW devs scrimp on testing & QA and outsource to us, paying for the privilege (money and time). I don't have time for forums (no disrespect intended to everyone here), I have other priorities. Am I the fool?
  2. Could not agree more with general sentiment that Evernote's value proposition is seriously degraded, Have been an Evernote evangelist and Premium subscriber since 2008, and at this rate will not be renewing in April. We pay for a service, we are not EN's QA team. v10 is just brocken. I fortunately did not delete the previous version so happily using that. Typical where devs and UX designers think they know how their product is used. EN has serioulsy messed up and either take us for fools or don't care. Looking for alternatives before I go back to work in the New Year. This is your final warning, Evernote.
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