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  1. Hhm ... I'm afraid that didn't work for me - on beta 2, deleted Evernote, restarted, re-installed, same problem 😞
  2. That is a good suggestion: try support 🙂 I did that, they replied that the issue is know and being worked on.
  3. It is still early beta, but running without any problems whatsoever. Even with Evernote, until this last update. And I haven't changed anything. Installing a beta means that you might run into problems, I realise - and accept - that. What I found strange here though is that it ran perfectly fine on 13 with the previous version. And it doesn't sound like a iOS 13 issue to me, as there are many more freezing problems mentioned in this forum, with various versions - both from iOS and Evernote.
  4. I am using an iPhone XS max. There is no data sync going on. And yes, I have a few offline notebooks. I am also using ios 13 by the way. Having said that: the previous version of Evernote ran just fine on iOS 13.
  5. Installed the latest update on iOS (8.21) and from the beginning it freezes all the time when opening a note. I can do everything in Evernote, except opening a note - which makes it pretty useless at the moment 😞
  6. Hm ... That means that to access a shortcut 2 clicks are needed instead of one. Every time. Not so handy in my workflow.
  7. As others have mentioned: it should be possible to disable "Recent Notes" from the sidebar. It is in the way, takes too much space, and is not nearly as useful as shortcuts. I realise that others might think differently, hence my suggestion to have the possibility to disable it. So make it two different sections (that can be disabled or enabled) instead of combining them into one.
  8. In snippet view the name of the note and the name of the person who created the shared note is still way too big. Was already in beta 1 and it still is there. Shouldn't be so difficult to fix that, right?
  9. I like the new position of work chat at the bottom! Also being able to see the last chats is very handy! However, I hoped that the problem with not seeing all contact pictures would have been solved in this update, but for me it is still there. I can see all the profile pictures of my colleagues in work chat on my iPhone, but on the Mac some have the green icon with the first letter of their last name in it instead of their profile picture ...
  10. Any progress here? I still have this problem ... Contact picture of my colleague shows up in work chat on my iPhone, but not in the desktop version (Mac).
  11. I really REALLY don't understand why the Evernote green has totally disappeared. Even the new beta of the web version of Evernote still has the green, why on earth did you turn to blue in the mac version? This totally beats me. Suggestion: just turn all that is blue now into "Evernote green", and it would be a nice update for me. However, the way it is now is very alien to me. The pleasure of using it has largely diminished. I know this may sound weird to some who prefer function above aesthetics - luckily we are not all the same. To me aesthetics is an important part of the user experience.
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