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  1. I do have the newest version of the EN app. I’ll have to look deeper into it over the weekend. Thank you for the advice.
  2. It still keeps freezing in my case. Specifically, if I do a search from within a specific notebook, rather than the general search, and leave the search string in the search field, the App inevitably freezes when re-opened.
  3. I'm a yet another victim of the bug. I have several notes which rely heavily on indentation, which stopped opening in the iOS clients of Evernote (work everywhere else). Before coming here I'd created a copy of one of the notes and removed all the formatting. Surely enough, it opened on iOS without any problems. Unfortunately I need the indents - otherwise the notes would become nearly illegible and definitely unusable. Guess I'll have to move these to Apple Notes until the fix arrives.
  4. Hello, I often work on multiple notes at the same time and so I welcomed the ability to use split screen in El Capitan. Unfortunately, I have some problems with inconsistencies in how Evernote handles workspaces, comparing to Yosemite. First, the most basic ability to double click on a note, to open it in separate window, and then drag to the desktop (when Evernote is in full screen mode) doesn't work. The window stays on the Evernote's workspace. The only way to get a stand-alone note to the desktop is to first switch such a window into full-screen mode and then minimize it again (it will go to the Desktop rather than back to Evernote's workspace then). A workaround, but also an inconsistency - I'd personally prefer the window-dragging to be restored and for the stand-alone note windows to go back to the workspace they've been previously assigned to after the window is minimised. Split screen works OK when created by dragging one workspace on the top of another (having maximised a window containing the note), but to get two stand-alone windows together (one of them Evernote's note), one has to get it to appear on the Desktop first (the cumbersome procedure described above). After that it works properly. It would be most convenient if long-click on the green window button (to turn split-screen mode on) gave the list of all the windows open on the desktop, without even having to move the window from the Evernote's workspace to the desktop first. The last one wouldn't be that problematic though if the regular window-dragging between workspaces worked properly. I'd like to note, that window-dragging worked properly in Yosemite and I'm under impression it worked in El Capitan too, at first (can't say for sure), only to get broken in a later update. Best regards!
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